LadyQueen is New York City’s only all-female drag revue and the brainchild of Crimson Kitty who is celebrating her ten-year drag-a-versary. We join Crimson and her drag cohorts Sarah Palegic, Miss Malice and Elle McQueen as they take over the historic Stonewall Inn for a night of drama, debauchery and over-the-top theatrics.

Crimson, a drag mother to many of the ladies, recently created The Haus Of Kitty and LadyQueen University which offers a six-week program promising to turn any “lady” into a outrageous drag queen.

Closet Case

Sarah Pelagic kicks ass at LadyQueen

Miss Malice and Crimson Kitty

Miss Malice and Crimson Kitty giving good Spice Girls

Elle McQueen backstage with Crimson Kitty // photo: @whothehelliselle

Backstage: Elle McQueen looking fierce with Crimson Kitty // photo: @whothehelliselle

Crimson Kitty and Reggi Regina tame the crowd

Crimson Kitty and Reggi Regina tame the crowd

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