I am thrilled to be on the prowl with you seeking out our Catnip,the Queer Women’s Arts & Entertainment events located here in the tdot.

It is going to be a sizzling summer with so much happening here including that largest celebration of it’s ilk, World Pride 2014! This means 2 of my favourite things will be out on the streets,massive quantities of glitter & a lot of hot Lesbians.

Since I will be posting happenings from now on, this is my opportunity to let you know who I am.

My name is Cat Grant, not the author who is a rainbow romance member & erotica specialist although I have been much to my delight, mistaken for her.


(Cat Grant author, photo- Adam Bouska NOH8 campaign)

Also I am not Cat Grant gossip columnist,the Superman character who loves Clark Kent(but not superheroes) & despises Lois Lane,I believe she’s just got that completely wrong.


(Cat Grant & Supergirl, DC comics)

I am actually totally into superheroes, particularly in catching Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde performance this summer in X-Men: Days of Future Past.Will she rate a hiss or a purr?


(Ellen Page actress- X-Men: Days of Future Past, 20th Century)

Nope, I am a Torontonian lesbian writer who loves gay culture,politics & fun especially when I can share it with my sisters & fellow queers.


(Cat Grant- Kitty Indacity, Suzie McNeil – recording artist & Ruby Mcfarlane – 2012 Inspire Awards Board Member)

Here is a top 10 list of things to know about me

1) I live to dance

2) I am mother, artist, & mischief maker

3) I have 2 adorable spoilt dogs,1 very mean cat, ( she has abandonment issues)& a decreasing population of goldfish that she believes should be sushi…

4) mmmmmmmm sashimi

5) My favourite beverage is champagne but a good bottle of red wine (with a damn cork) will do nicely

6) Fashion is a guilty indulgence along with potato chips even if they do not appreciate each other

7) My hair colour changes frequently

8) The Sun & her twin sister Sandy Beach are my BFF’s

9) In Kittyland, zip beats music whether it’s performed live, DJ ‘d, downloaded to my iPod or playing on the radio, however I have a ridiculous fear of Karaoke

10) I believe in kindness, empathy & community.

There, you have it, a little information about moi. Now this cat is very curiousto find out what interests you.

Drop me a line, make a comment, let me know of an upcoming event you arerunning, attending, or wish to find out more about.

This is a blog for girls who want to have fun, let’s find it together.


About the Author

Cat Grant OCAD is a multimedia artist. A published poet currently writing a book,she contributes to Hone Life, Jingobox and her blog for theBUZZ Kitty Indacity. Painting, sculpture, photography/video, choreography/dance & costume design also make her days. Cat has worked with Deadmau5, Panasonic, Sony, Konami and volunteers for many queer organizations.