Ok, so my power blows when I can’t take the humidity anymore & succumb 2 breathing the canned air of my air conditioner forgetting I have the kettle plugged in uh oh…..on my way back in from buying fuses I run into Taylor Dayne hanging in my lobby… for real She is on Global tomorrow morning (interviewing Laverne Cox – “Orange is the New Black”) 9a.m. Watch It! Funny, charming & a kick ass voice all wrapped in a tiny little package, she’s awesome… happy Kitty got an autograph!

tayler dayne 2 tayler dayne

Watch Kitty Indacity’s interview with Taylor Dayne on BUZZ TV

Taylor Dayne, is an American pop and singer and actress. In late 1987, she scored her first major hit when her debut single “Tell It to My Heart.” and her number 1 Billboard hit “Love Will Lead You Back.” Overall, she has had eighteen individual hit songs reach the top ten in Billboard magazine. These include most recently, the 2011 American and international hit “Floor on Fire” and the 2008 song “Beautiful”, which reached the top spot in Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart.

Kitty Indacity caught up with Taylor Dayne with this exclusive BUZZ TV interview!



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