What an exciting week so far!!!

World Pride is Rockin & da Kitty Indacity Buzzteam is out & about catching u catching it all!

Look 4 us & say hi this week.

Sum places we have been:

The Palais Royale Ballroom, An official sponsor of theBuzz Magazine  is holding 2 events Saturday June 28th 2014. An afternoon CAIPIRINHA on the beautiful patio overlooking Lake Ontario with a chance 2 win an Olivia Cruise. Yup… wow! hey I am free if U win & need a wing gal 😛

cat pride 1






Here is a link to You Tube Video of more details.

This is always a classy event & in my humble opinion the best dance floor eva!!!

cat green














Fairy & Kitty – The Palais Royale Ballroom PRIDE 2013

cat pride 3













Girl Play – Wow what a list!

I am a regular at Toastr & have been to other Girl Play events. The women are as hot as the music…

One of the organizers Tania Morano took the time to share with us,

“Toronto Pride is an electric time of year! The streets are filled with love, acceptance, positivity and good times.

I expect World pride to be no exception. I’m proud to be born and raised in this beautiful city.

No one does Pride better than Toronto”


cat pride 4









Kitty Indacity crew & friends @ Toastr – photo courtesy of Jennifer Tan

Well who makes us CREAM? Carole Pope! Live performance & a fundraiser too!

cat pride 5










Core Realty Group is thrilled to present a WorldPride 2014 Affiliate Event, “Cream: A Fundraiser for Rough Trade, a feature film about the life of Carole Pope”.

Coming together for one night only, Canadian music icons Carole Pope and Peaches will headline an intimate after party at WRONGBAR on Saturday June 28, 2014.

The event will feature a full live set by legendary rocker Carole Pope, and a very special guest DJ set by Peaches, with opening act, local talent DJ Vee Stun of Vag Halen.

“Looking forward to burning down the house and raising some serious bucks for a film that celebrates Toronto as the epicenter art music and mayhem,” said Carole Pope.

Hey U get to Hey Lady!

hey lady

















Great peeps & da very talented & hot Shawnee too? NICE!!! Then in case it’s just not cool enuf throw in DJ Cat who always knows how 2 please da ladies …

Speaking of hotness u should def catch the




Belle Jumelles and Titus Androgynous host an inclusive night of performances and partying for butches and femmes of all stripes. Come early to be social, get your flirt on and participate in some naughty bed time activities. Stick around and enjoy a raucous show featuring some of Toronto’s sexiest performers and an all night dance party with the city’s hottest queer DJs.


All advance tickets are $10
Tickets at the door are $10 or PWYC


Calling all Trans women/men/folk, Two-Spirit, Femmes, Divas, Sharks, Dommes, Butches, Studs, Papis, Aggressives, Machas, Bofinhos, Bois, Daddys, etc. to celebrate all things Butch/Femme! This is a local Toronto based, community driven group focussed on creating space for Femmes and Butches of all stripes to mingle, chat, flirt, deconstruct, discursively construct, and … fill in the blank.

We also like to dress up to playfully embrace DYKE-ONOGRAPHY & TRANS/BUTCH/FEMME AESTHETICS trans-generationally. photo of Belle Jumelles by Drasko Bogdanovic______

So looking forward to this show, Belle & da gang glam it up good!

CHURCH ON CHURCH is a fun atmosphere right in da thick of da Village!



Who doesn’t enjoy laser lights hands in da air & sweaty bodies?

Brittany Leigh instructs us to come Back To Church for World Pride & “Get ready to Sin, Repent, Repeat!”











ooooooo preach it girlfriend! confession hmmmm  well what happens at World Pride stays at World Pride …………….

I can’t do Pride without checking out Elana Harte & her band Stiletto Flats who make me smile & dance at least twice a month 😛








For a fun magical musical evening with special guest Marianne Mazur & great Lesbian owned pub fare come join me at The Old Nick Saturday 28th 2014.








OK so this is a start on what’s up 4 us & of course CHURCH STREET including another 2 faves of mine,

Random Order












at 8:30pm Church & Isabella

“We’ll be unveiling a new cover song at the North Stage!    We are totally hyped to celebrate with you!”

Melliefresh!  I have gad da pleasure of working with b4, don’t miss this amazing DJ!!!!








Kitty & da cub reorders will also b at NOH8 Campaign, Closing ceremonies, doin on da spot Interviews & THE DYKE MARCH!

Don’t forget to read my SHE BEAT column in da current issue of the Buzz chatting on the Dyke March. There will be a post parade review here after da weekend.

Happy World Pride kittens! xo

About the Author

Cat Grant OCAD is a multimedia artist. A published poet currently writing a book,she contributes to Hone Life, Jingobox and her blog for theBUZZ Kitty Indacity. Painting, sculpture, photography/video, choreography/dance & costume design also make her days. Cat has worked with Deadmau5, Panasonic, Sony, Konami and volunteers for many queer organizations.