Thiago is one of Toronto’s emerging recording artists to watch out for. Thiago was born in Brazil and later was brought up in Canada.  He is accustomed to Italian Background and is now a multi-lingual artist who is able to sing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Performing since the age of 12 he has captured the attention of audiences both here and Brazil and soon will catch the attention of a world-wide audience.

Thiago thiagosays: “I would say that my music is a mix of different genres but mostly dance with a Latin twist. I don’t like to really put my self in a category. If the beat is good and it gets people up and dancing then it’s my kind of song.”

“My number one influence in music is and always will be Selena. No not Selena Gomes but Selena Quintanilla the Latin American star who unfortunately was taken too soon. She started from nothing and worked hard to make her way to the top and never let anything stop her from reaching her dreams. She was not only an amazing artist but a true inspiration to many artists and people out there! When it comes to artists of today I love JLO, Enrique, Ricky Martin , and of course Lady Gaga!! There are way too many talented artists out there that I love it would be too long of a list, lol.”
In the summer of 2006 Thiago released his first debut album which is was sold internationally! Thiago is back, teaming up with EXXL to release his latest  single entitled: “TILL THE DAY I DIE!!!” Plan’s for the release are being made for August 2014! The single will be available through iTunes!

Plans for a music video shoot have also been made and the production team is currently looking for extra’s and back up dancers to be apart of the video!! “I’m looking for sexy guys, gay straight, sexy women, lesbian doesn’t matter what or who they are i want to showcase equality and diversity in this video and that EVERYONE is there to have a great time,” says Thiago.

Shooting date is on Sunday, August 24th at Scarborough Beach Bluffs.  If you are interested in being a part of the video you can sign up on Facebook at: or contact Thiago directly at:

For samples of Thiago’s work please visit the links below:

Thiago and Exxl performing  Live :

Thiago’s first music video produced called titled,  “Dance with me.” :

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