The team over at Northbound Leather are gearing up for yet another deliciously thrilling event!
This year marks the 18th Anniversary of their annual Fetish & Kink inspired fashion show… the theme this year… SCANDAL!

Love it! I can only imagine what is set to take place on that runway!

I had the pleasure, on behalf of theBUZZ, to go behind the scenes to give you a snippet of their Casting Call that was just held on Saturday. (All models have given permission to have their photos taken).

From your average Joe right down to Mistresses of Darkness (LOL) the team went through a gruelling process of interviewing and casting the various roles in the upcoming show… and it’s going to be tough. The talent was amazing, so many beautiful creatures walked through those doors… so without giving much away, here are some behind the scenes shots of the Casting Call.

Keep checking back here for updates, and follow the process of the event HERE









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