This Saturday, August 9th, will see the launch of a unique new event at WAYLA (996 Queen St., E), called “Dirty Dishes.”  The event features  House/Tribal/progressive an Old School/New School with great visuals!

theBUZZ caught up with Dirty Dishes creator’s  VJ Marc Joseph  and Dj Knight Muzik to ask them all about the event.

dirty dishes steve and DamienCan you tell me how you came up with the name “Dirty Dishes.”
“We were sitting in a restaurant thinking about coming up with an event. There was a big kitchen there and a motherly-type cooking. She was kinda taking care of her boys. She was the DJ of the kitchen, serving up and cleaning dishes etc.

So Dirty Dishes is a metaphor for whatever is going on in your life; we all have something. It could be an emotion, a life event or just feeling sexy and good about yourself. We all have a bit of dirt on our plate!  The music and visuals are a way of dishing out what people need on their plate!  Do they need a clean plate or just wanna get sexy on the dance floor? If your dancing an wanna have come dish out!”

What will make this event unique at WAYLA?
So the event is a combination of dance music and visuals. My music style from feed back at live events “Is every bit about beats as it deep soulful lyrics. The visuals are mixed live and are in response to the music. This is unique because of how we are working together to produce something spontaneous, creative and fun.

What can we expect at Dirty Dishes?
Expect to hear music that wants to make you stay on the dance floor!
Progressive house, tribal, happy house and soulful beats.
The visuals are a mix of motion effects, music videos, film clips.

Who will the DJ/Performers be the event?
DJ Knight Muzik ( on the music and VJ Marc Joseph on the visuals.

Do you have plans on making this a regular event?
We would like that!  We are planning a Halloween event.

Dirty Dishes premieres at WALYA this Saturday, Aug 9th, at 10pm with a $5 cover.

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