Quicker than a ray of light, FLY Nightclub (8 Gloucester Street) throws on it’s dancing shoes and kicks open it’s doors once again. The gays and girls were back in gear for the reopening party August 2nd and was welcomed back with cheers from queers and half nude dudes.
The famed Gloucester Street discotheque exclusively reopens for Saturday nights, back on track with top notch late night drag extravaganza’s and guesting the hottest deejays who spin and dazzle as the crowds scream aloud. The music is pop friendly dance beats, house tunes and ace remix’s of dance classics. A surprise remix of Madonna’s “Deeper and Deeper” half way through the night had me barrelling up the stairs to the dance floor in my cha cha heels, arms flaying about resembling something called vogueing but looking more like I was wielding a fly swatter. Floor fillers are to be expected with DJ Kitty Glitter cat-scratching at the booth on August 23rd and manly Manny Lehman at the helms August 30th for Labour Day weekend.

August’s reopening party featured my favorite queen Sofonda Cox swinging from the chandeliers via Cia song and blonde wig. Impressive that she maintained such fine form and elegant composure hanging above the crowd from those heights, were as I would’ve crapped my leotard. Amidst a closure after World Pride in July to the dismay of scenesters and the cities night life crew, Fly avoids the wrecking ball and reignites it’s famous disco ball and amen to that. Our cities night life fixtures and familiarities are increasingly few and far between and this is undeniably one of Toronto’s greatest. Throw on your cha cha heels and swing from the chandeliers, Saturday nights alright for dancing.

Sofonda Cox photo by: Glen Mu


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The beautiful and legendary Donnarama has graced the stages of T.O with outrageous costumes and comedy skits, and there is never a dull moment! A scene queen and Canadian drag staple, her dedication, pioneering originality and uniqueness have scored her numerous awards, bar titles and visits to therapy. Visit Donnarama on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/donnarama.italiana