This week Toronto has been celebrating Leather Pride… which is probably why you have seen more than the usual amount of leather folk walking Church Street, and last night was my first taste of all things leather!
Decked out in my first harness, armband and some faux-leather pants (I got them from Zara cos they were HOT!) I stepped into a world that I have taken it upon myself to learn about.

If I said to you I wasn’t slightly nervous, I’d be lying.

Arriving a little early, I headed over to Boutique for a drink and there were stares left, right and centre… so I asked two lovely ladies from NYC why they were staring… just to get the scoop on how people view those in leather. Turns out I looked the part because she said I looked like a “leather pup bottom”… ok… I looked the part, I was ready to head over to the TLP 2014 VIP Reception hosted at Sailors.


The event had such a warm reception and I felt very welcome, which really did put me at ease.
Hosted by the Heart of the Flag Board of Directors, I could see a great comradery amongst those in attendance. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay longer to see the “Best Boots Contest”… but what I did experience has put me a little more at ease and not so nervous about things… So stay tuned because this Sunday is the full Leather Pride day and I will be there covering everything!!!






About the Author

Brandon Michael Lee is a Toronto based Award Winning Event Designer, Writer and Filmmaker. He spends his days surrounded by his two dogs, cupcakes and coffee and one day dreams of having a big fat gay wedding. While on the outside, he is a fabulous and stylish gay man… on the inside he is a tool belt wearing, shelf building, Tori Amos listening lesbian. Oh and he loves beards and tattoos.