Gay Play Day, an annual festival of LGBTQ theatre, is now in its third year at the Alumnae Theatre studio space. The festival is a platform for both novice and emerging LGBTQ writers to have their works produced and seen by local audiences. This year’s festival features five short plays by local playwrights.

Gay Play Day LGBTQ theatre festival happens September 26 @ 8pm and September 27 @ 3pm & 8pm at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley St., Toronto.

One of the talented artists participating in Gay Play Day this year is Nick May.  theBUZZ caught up with Nick to ask him about himself and his involvement with the event:

theBUZZ: Can you tell us about yourself?

Nick May: I was born and raised in Toronto and have always been involved in theatre. Besides entertaining my family at get togethers, I got involved in school productions and community theatre from a young age. I knew that performing was my passion and after graduating high school I packed up my life and moved to New York City for post-secondary. I am a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and I have been performing in Theatre and Film since, both in New York and Toronto.

theBUZZ: How will you be involved with Gay Play Day?

Nick May: This is my second year performing in Gay Play Day. Last year I worked alongside Nathaniel Bacon in Darren Stewart Jones’ play “Sherlocke and Watson: Behind Closed Doors” I played Watson to his Sherlocke.I had a great time performing in the festival and I had been toying with the idea of writing my own script for submission. So this year I’ll be acting in a script that I co-wrote with a friend.

theBUZZ: What was your motivation for your play?

Nick May: After chatting with my good friend Jess Bryson, we decided to collaborate on a script using dramatized versions of ourselves and based on friendly debates that we often have with each other. The power of words, their etymology and the boundaries of friendship when it comes to appropriate word choice. The reasons that certain words are appropriated and others are not is fascinating to us, which is why our show “Word Play” was created.

theBUZZWordPlay: Do you think there is enough opportunities LGBTQ artists in Toronto?

Nick May:  We live in an amazing city full of diversity. But the opportunities available to any artist will always be difficult. It takes skill, talent and passion to be an artist. But more importantly it takes perseverance; if work isn’t available to you, it is important to create your own work.

theBUZZ: What other projects have you been involved with?5. In 2007

Nick May: I starred in an LGBT film called “The Houseboy” which was released by TLA Entertainment. I participated in adapting the film into a staged version in Italy. I have performed in many festivals including the New York Fringe Festival, the Toronto Fringe Festival, and the NY Fresh Fruit Festival.

theBUZZ: What are you plans for the future?

Nick May: I have really enjoyed the experience of writing this show and I would like to continue writing more theatre and potentially a screenplay. I have been toying with the idea of self-producing as well, in addition to writing my own pieces there are a few plays that i would love to work on that have never been produced in Toronto. I’m also considering producing the staged version of The Houseboy for a Toronto audience.

To learn more about Nick please visit his website:

Tickets for Gay Play Day are $15, available at the door or at:  You can also find out more about Gay Play Day at:


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