Snowflakes are falling, malls are busy with holiday shoppers, and the rum and eggnog are being pounded back. It’s the time to celebrate with friends and family because we are right in the middle of the Christmas season. Feeling like adding a little queer festivities into your plans? Then join Open Air Productions for Snow Queen 2014 at the Winter Garden Theatre on Friday December the 12th. The drag spectacular will be a night of singing and dancing with a twist on holiday classics.

Snow Queen is a musical performance of six drag queens in one night trying to have a successful holiday party. Some things are getting in the way though, like the host of the party being unprepared and a shady queen trying to stir things up. Executive producers Alanna O’Connor and Sachil Patel invite everyone to come out for this one hour packed with a variety of performances. The show includes a wide range of musical styles from live singing, dancing, acoustic performances, and even a pop band that makes an appearance.

The cast is looking fabulous with six of the hottest queens in Toronto. Starring Bunni Lapin, Jada Hudson, Nikki Chin, Carlotta Carlisle, Sapphire Tithi-Reign, and Devine Darlin. Each of them brings a different element of humor, theatre, and dancing styles to create perfect holiday chemistry. They take their Christmas spirit inspiration from their own experiences enjoying good times with their own friends. The queens add in that they have had to avoid the holiday treats to fit into their outfits but make time to enjoy good company and good booze!

O’Connor and Patel got the idea for Snow Queen from the WorldPride event Starry Night. They had seen how many people had attended the event and thought that there should be more attention and support on the queer community all through the year. Not only are they giving opportunity to gay artists and performers but also the ticket proceeds are going to the 519 Church Street Community Center. Snow Queen not only gets you in the mood for Christmas but also reminds us that this time of year is about spending time with the ones you love, and even the ones you fight with from time to time. It’s about being grateful and giving back throughout the entire holiday season.

Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. The price range is $25-$45.

Written by: Vance Hedman

Photos by: Vance Hedman

Vance Hedman is a writer and photographer who loves to express himself. After attending film school he realized his passion as an artist to create change, and promote equality and tolerance. His goal is to inspire others to live their authentic selves  He is a huge music fan who dances everyday. He also loves his mornings with a cup of coffee, or more like a pot of coffee, and a long run. He winds down by listening to his hero Dan Savage on the Savage Lovecast.

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