Last Spring I made my annual trek to a long time fave event the Inside Out Festival. For me It represents the start of summer, reconnects me with so many peeps who hibernated during winter and most importantly introduces me and my pals to new independent queer films. There is so much to see from our rich diverse culture makers it can be hard to choose, however I had a gander through the festival guide and instantly knew I must take in TRU LOVE by Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald.

TRU LOVE ~ Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage ~ Lao Tzu

The film’s write up appealed immediately to me, a story about intergenerational lesbian love; a situation of which I recently had had a brush with. Plus gorgeous women in love onscreen? Where do I get my ticket?

Kate Trotter Christine Horn Shauna MacDonald and Kate Johnston on the red carpet at The 2014 Inside Out LGBTQ Film Frstival Toronto Ontario

Kate Trotter Christine Horn Shauna MacDonald and Kate Johnston on the red carpet at The 2014 Inside Out LGBTQ Film Festival Toronto Ontario

A triangle of longing and regret both romantically and familial I was taken in by incredible performances, beautiful imagery, witty dialogue, and an emotional soundtrack. I was most impressed observing the way the audience became part of the experience. We all laughed during funny situations, teared up or sighed with both delight and sadness. A few animated souls yelled at the characters onscreen, while others either leaned forward with anticipation or slunk back deep into seats in contemplation. Ruby Macfarlane one of my fellow audience members told me she was “pleasantly surprised at the wonderfully written film”, and it “hit a home run!”

Kate Johnston

It is a rare and lovely thing, a movie that can touch so many at once and not surprisingly TRU LOVE won both Best Feature Film Audience & Emerging Canadian Artist Awards at Inside Out 2014. This wonderful slice of life on celluloid then went on to win numerous International awards, and is still racking up the nominations.From the opening sequence of ice breaking up on Lake Ontario, and many of our Toronto landscapes lovingly captured, sounds melding into one another, the destiny of lovers, to the sexy slow tension, this movie gives us a timeless bittersweet romance.

Shauna MacDonald

What is exciting now is TRU LOVE is having a run at Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton Street) January 23-29th 2015 I can’t wait to see this wonderful movie once more. It’s cold and we all want to stay in, but do yourselves a favour get your ticket and catch this gem. It’s sure to be a sell out and I promise this movie will warm you!

Watch the trailer.

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