When many people think of traditional fashion shows, “fat” is the last word that comes to mind. But for Toronto’s alternative fashion festival, FAT is where it’s at. Fashion Art Toronto, now in it’s tenth year, brings over 200 Canadian and international designers, performers and artists into the spotlight. With over 50 runway shows, there’s a taste of any flavour a fashion hunter could fathom. But this festival is for more than just trend hunting; FAT is a celebration of the truly innovative and artistic forces within the burgeoning Canadian fashion industry. This year’s festival theme is “Made in Canada”, giving a platform to both established and emerging artists and designers, as well as models of all shapes and sizes. The festival encourages its audience to view fashion through as many different lenses as possible; as art, as fun, serious, legitimate, fierce, frivolous and as a party. And there is no shortage of fashion parties affiliated with FAT this year.

Festival Director Vanja Vasic is a powerhouse of innovation and a glowing orb of energy at any social occasion. The FAT launch party will be held tonight, April 17th, 9pm at Parloque boutique fashion store (1093 Queen St West). This couldn’t be a more fitting venue for the party especially after Vogue listed the Queen West area as one of the top 15 coolest neighbourhoods in the world. Boasting runway walk-off and best-dressed prizes, this is not a party for the faint of heel. What kinds of questionable things could these fashionable people get up to tonight?

The FAT festival proper runs from Tuesday 21 through Saturday 25 of April at the Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St East, Toronto.


About the Author

Judy Virago is a transgender writer and performer living in Toronto. A background in theatre, activism and government social policy has informed her interest in transgender rights and visibility. She is the co-founder of the queer art collective The House of Filth and was voted "Runner Up" for Now Magazine's Best Toronto Drag Queen 2015. She takes her inspiration from fierce, fabulous creatures who have soared to stardom, fallen from grace, and clawed their way back to the top.