Yes, CMW is non-stop entertainment throughout the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning. In fact, many venues have applied for an extended liquor license and will be serving to 4am, so you can enjoy a beverage while watching bands ripping up the stage in the middle of the night.

If staying up all night isn’t your thing, how about popping into a bar in the afternoon, grabbing a cool one, and catching some live music? That’s right, day partying does happen here in Toronto as well during CMW. A now annual tradition is the Aussie BBQ, which happens on the Friday afternoon. So when all your 9-5 friends are killing time at their cubicles waiting for the weekend to start, you can be getting educated on what’s happening music wise on the other side of the world. To make things even more exciting, this year the event has been expanded to two different venues, the traditional Horseshoe will be rocking it from noon until 6pm, and new this year the Rivoli just up the street on Queen will be doing the same. This makes it easy to see a total of 16 Australian acts in six hours if you so inclined. Here’s a list below. Now go get em mate!!!

Friday May 8th, 2015 – Horseshoe Tavern – 370 Queen Street West 416-598-4753

Aussie BBQ

Presented by: Sounds Australia and CMW
The Resignators 12:15PM
Betty & Oswald 12:55PM
Tora 1:35PM
Ghyti 2:15PM
Olivers Army 2:55PM
Hamish Anderson 3:35PM
Ash Grunwald 4:55PM
Doors:12:00PM / 19+. / All wristbands accepted.
Friday May 8th, 2015 – Rivoli – 334 Queen Street West 416-596-1908

Aussie BBQ

Presented by: Sounds Australia and CMW
Far Away Stables 12:15PM
JuliaWhy? 12:55PM
Selahphonic 1:35PM
The Love Junkies 2:15PM
Pierce Brothers 3:35PM
Ecca Vandal 4:55PM
The Lazys 5:35PM
Doors:12:00 PM / 19+. / All wristbands accepted.
Finally, the good folks over at AB Co are throwing their annual day party on the rooftop of The Bovine, in conjunction with Planetary Group. AB (formerly Audio Blood) are a marketing and public relations company, who also manage their own cool roster of musical acts, and are also the official PR agency for all of CMW. The team just recently announced their foray into the US of A as well. Not bad for a company that only began six years ago, ignited by founder Sari Delmar, who was running her own music zine at the age of 16. Now that’s rock n roll baby!
Check out Sari’s tips for what to do while here in the T-Dot.
Here’s the line up. Have a wristband or be sure to get on the guest list if you want in.
AB And Planetary Group Showcase12:15pm: The Love Junkies
01:15pm: Scenic Route to Alaska
02:15pm: Ivory Hours
03:15pm: MIDDAY SWIM
04:15pm: CAIRO
05:15pm: SAVVIE

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