Three years after its smash 18-week debut run in Toronto, Odysseo by Cavalia has returned, and is more popular than ever. Due to strong demand, the producers of Odysseo announced an eighth and final week to its run in the GTA area. The larger-than-life theatrical production will now have its last performance under the White Big Top at the Port Lands on Sunday, May 31st. The 70 horses and 45 artists of this equestrian extravaganza will then travel to Montreal, where opening night is scheduled for June

Under the gleaming White Big Top erected at the Port Lands, spectators of all ages are amazed by the unique blend of equestrian arts, performing arts and high-tech special effects. The cast and crew were thrilled to be in town to celebrate their 800th performance since the inception of the show, in autumn 2011.

Sharing the colossal stage with 45 riders, acrobats, aerialists and musicians, the 70 magnificent horses steal the spotlight during this unique theatrical extravaganza. For the first time in the show history, 12 beautiful Arabians horses share the stage to demonstrate what Odysseo knows best, a breathtaking liberty act where horse whisperer Elise Verdoncq uses only her voice and body command to orchestrate a wonderful and moving choreography.

This is a wonderful event with beautiful cinematography, acrobatics, and the most advanced use of technology available. This spectacular production often leaves the audience in awe, and asking how did that just happen. A must see!

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Show Info and Tickets or by calling 1-866-999-8111. Under the White Big Top, at the Port Lands – 383 Lakeshore Boulevard East



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