Sharon Pereira is a singer/songwriter who currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Having struggled with bullying, Sharon has developed a strong personality which can be seen through her stage presence. She has been nominated for this year’s Marty Awards for the Emerging Artists category.

I had a chance to sit down with Sharon and was very impressed by this young talent, as she is self-assured, kind, intelligent, and fun to chat with.

What got you into music Sharon?

My dad is the singer in the family, he inspired me to sing, to talk to people about my music, and he inspired me to pursue this as a career.

Is he a professional singer?

He sure is, and a great one if I may say so myself (laughs). He used to sing in venues in Malta, that’s where we come from, and he would sometimes bring me up to stage with him to sing a couple of songs.

sharon and her brother clive

What age were you?

I started to fall in love with music when I was around three years old, but I started singing in front of other people when I was about five I would say. Again this was in Malta and we were singing in hotels and such, before we came here.

Can you tell me about the music from your album?

It has the feel and is inspired by the greatest era of music, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, with big sound and big songs and a lot of soul.


Why did you decide it’s time to record an album?

I just wanted to write and try something different, I love singing cover songs and I always have, but I wanted material more personal, and to step it up a bit. I hope the album reaches a big audience and touches many people’s lives, and that someone listening to it would relate to it.

You’re working on a video for the track “Strangers” that will be released at the end of May. Why did you choose that particular song for your first music video?

I had a bunch of friends and family listen to the album and everyone agreed that’s the one I should with first.

2Tell me about your relationship with the LGBTQ community.

I have a big number of friends from the community, I really believe in everyone being who they are and being authentic, as no one has the right to judge. I know how it is to be judged, I have been bullied my whole life.

How did that shape who you are and how you see the world?

If you are different you get picked on. I am a short person, I have always had to deal with people’s mean remarks, and all through high school I had to deal with that. I would say it made my stronger, more compassionate, and more determined on helping to make a difference wherever I can.

Give me a couple of names that have influenced your voice and style.

For sure Whitney Houston, and I would say also Amy Winehouse.


Sharon will be releasing her first original album called “Perfect Stranger” on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 at The Old Barber House in Mississauga. Sharon co-wrote the songs for this album with her brother Clive, who was also the composer and the studio engineer. The album is inspired by 60’s Motown, Soul, and RnB records.





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