…until I ran into Judy Virago and Allysin Chaynes, who were brought in with a few other local performers (Ryan BoaSapphire Tithi-ReignEve Summers) to add some glitter to the mix of festivities.

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Bestival UK chose Toronto to launch their North American version of the same fabulous event, hoping to add some spice to the rather dull Toronto festival scene. The predominately EDM festival featured DJ’s everywhere you turned, from the Bollywood stage to the sandy beach at Hanlan’s Point on Toronto Island. Oh ya, plenty of eye candy and other festive characters added to the lineup of entertainment.

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First off, kudo’s for hosting the event on Friday and Saturday, as opposed to Saturday/Sunday. This gives festival goers two weekend NIGHTS to get down and dirty, and that’s exactly what they did on the first day when skies were overcast and rain intermittent. Alas, that didn’t stop the diehard beat heads from catching the ferry over to the the Island for DJ’s, bands, and an array of other eclectic pop-up stations around the grounds. A second kudo has to be given for Toronto (Ontario?) to finally loosening up the archaic alcohol regulations, and allowing festival-goers to roam freely with their $8 brews.

The “Big Top” tent was amass with flaying fist pounding early in the day, and the outside “Bollywood” stage was also thumping, with the added fun of mud-surfing. The “Main Stage” went from DJ’s in the early part of the day, to bands in the evening with Wavves and Clean Bandit leading up to headliner, Florence and the Machine.


Saturday the sun was shining, and some of the same (showered) crowd were back to enjoy day two of a what will hopefully be an annual event here in the city. Next time, I’d suggest more nudity. It is Hanlan’s Beach after all!


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