It’s been a purrrrfectly wonderful start to this Cat’s Pride

First: watching the set up – there is a recognition of the Queer Magic our City has, we now have Silver & Purple Unicorns in the Village, rejoice!Pride15 Uni Silver

Second: Having catch up cocktails on pop-up patios with old friends, and laughing delightedly at the group of youth enthusiastically drenched with rainbow glitter freedom glory, a full week before the Parade

Third: roaming Church St., in and out of shops, eats, more drinks…catching the drag acts strutting their stuff, and content in the happy-face surround.

Pride 15flags


photo 2 (1)

shops in the spirit

photo 2 (3)

even the drinks are feeling the rainbow love

I ponder whether I should take next year off my day job so I can stay in Gayville?

Out & about Wednesday my camera pal Karen and I hit Smith for the Girl Play Pride Week Opening night where we squeezed by a line up of gorgeous women to hit the capacity dance floor.

photo 2 (5)11402397_10201010998354496_7417620536775175972_o

photo 1 (3)


DJ Annalyze

Guest DJ Annalyze was not just talented, but beautiful and interacted with her dancing fans. I saw her mouth hit the floor as she applauded for the twerk queen out to have her fun, and contribute highly to ours.


Twerk it!


When leaving I shouted “I LOVE PRIDE!” while People of all sorts were revelling in the streets, and I ask Karen what she loves about Pride.

bitstrip pride 15

“Well…Pride is a celebration of who we are, where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going” Karen said
Wow simple and totally on the money. I confessed to her I thought she had given me no good quotes yet this week, but she nailed it, so I wont pressure her anymore,  except to ask what she is looking forward to most during our BUZZ Pride week? She grinned “Well it’s quite the Betty show!”



Enjoy Ladies…….BUZZ  has the lineup kittens crave, so come say hi if you see us and let us snap your photo!

We will also  be hitting the fabulous Butch Femme Salon, The Pride stages, The Phoenix Concert Theatre for an 80’s party, a Disco Party, a Pool party…and more!


Vanessa Smales, Elaine Pharnard, Mona

Flag Raising at City Hall


Official Pride Launch cat Grant, James Fowler, Jane Farrow, Boyd Kodak



Melissa Etheridge

Dyke March, the 519 Beer Garden so much to do!

These photos are some of my fav moments from World Pride here last year, and look for more to come from this year. I had such a blast, and many thanks to the volunteer photographers helping me out. Hot weather, Hot girls &
the Inspire Awards float wasn’t so bad either, plus I met my gayboy crush Adam Bouska who founded the NOH8 campaign and he snapped one of me!.

10660184_4764203000339_1104664635714085082_n (2)


Church On Church

Church On Church

Cat Grant, Belle Jumelles ,Titus Androgynous @ Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Butch Femme Salon


Carole Pope


Palaise Royale

Dykes On Bikes Kristine Luchankoff, Elana Harte

Dyke March Anticipation

Justin Preston,and mom, Antoine Elehashem,

InspireAwards float right

Fransico Alvariz, Cat Grant, Paddy Aldridge, Boyd Kodak

Inspire Awards float left

You can hear myself and the Amazing DJ Lesbian Icon Julie Ley on CIUT FM Radio Saturday at 2pm discussing lesbian issues, but probably mostly laughing giddily.

Enjoy your Pride peeps. Be safe, have fun, give love.

About the Author

Cat Grant OCAD is a multimedia artist. A published poet currently writing a book,she contributes to Hone Life, Jingobox and her blog for theBUZZ Kitty Indacity. Painting, sculpture, photography/video, choreography/dance & costume design also make her days. Cat has worked with Deadmau5, Panasonic, Sony, Konami and volunteers for many queer organizations.