Season 7’s Drag Race glam queen extraordinaire Miss Fame sashay’s and shantay’s to Toronto for Drag ON!, the incredible action packed drag extravaganza taking place Saturday June 27th from 2:00 PM- 11:00 PM at Yonge-Dundas Square, smack dab in the middle of the city.

Famous for her high fashion stylish personae, Miss Fame is set to perform live for Pride Toronto’s 35th Anniversary mega show hosted by Bianca Del Rio, featuring 35 performers and 35 years of music.

I had a chat with the New York City drag icon and recording artist who recently dropped her debut album “Beauty Marked”, now available on itunes. I caught up with her while she was in Chicago with the cast of Season 7’s Drag Race  grabbing a bite to eat, and I got the dish!

What does Pride mean to you?

Ownership of self. Living boldly as who you are regardless of other peoples approval. It’s about finding out who you are and being comfortable in your own skin. That’s a bold thing to do. By being bold, you are being courageous.

What are you looking forward to at Toronto Pride this year?

It’s my first outing right after the show so it’s a different experience. I’m performing live so there’s a whole other level to what I’m doing. It’s quite empowering to get out there and sing. When it dawned on me I’d have to get out there and do live, I was a bit nervous at first, but I got there and did it and I feel good about it. It’s a new aspect. I also began rapping during sets and musical breaks, which took me by surprise. I don’t know where it came from (laughs). It just came about spontaneously.

Have there been any unexpected surprises or experiences regarding the recognition you’ve received with Drag Race? 

Well, I’ve been getting quite a few poultry gifts (laughs). That surprised me, having so many fans gift me with chicken paraphernalia…chicken shaped bags, statuettes, etc. I had a collection back in California when I lived at the farm. I couldn’t keep everything because I was travelling across the country to New York City. My new place has all the gifts I received, and I love to be surrounded by that, sentimentally it’s very comforting. I wonder to myself, are fans going to be asking me to cluck like a chicken forever? (laughs) It’s a bit of an unusual aspect, but it’s something incorporated into the whole package I realize.

Carol Burnett had her signature ‘Tarzan yell’, so if you look at it that way, it’s a great addition to your whole persona, even taken the juxtaposition of the super model essence and persona. It’s good to have a trademark! It’s also an incredibly humanizing aspect.

I love that example, thank you! I feel like Lucille Ball. On one hand she’s immaculate and incredibly well put together. with this odd ball aspect thrown into the equation. I’ve been told by other people it’s humanizing. Having had my background being so simple and grounded in a way, and the fact that there’s this whole thing going on that plays into the picture. I’m like Dorothy with her gorgeous ruby slippers, but on a farm (laughs)

I watched your “Rubber Doll” video which is the lead single from your album “Beauty Marked”, which I truly love. It encompasses such a classic high fashion style and a subtle understated dominance and control. It’s perfection. Who and what are your inspirations, both for the video and for yourself?

I love the whole golden age of Hollywood, that era. I wanted to emulate Dietrich. I can identify with that. She wore padding. She shaved off her eyebrows and then drew them on again. I’m obsessed with the details and that perfection. I love the supermodels of the 90’s such as Linda Evangelista. That George Micheal video for “Too Funky‘. That is what it’s all about. I love that. That attitude, that perfection and presentation. I don’t think the supermodels these days have that persona or look. That fullness, the delivery, the package, and though some do it’s not quite like those girls.

Do you have any Drag Idols?

I would have to say Joey Arias. Such an incredible performer. It’s the voice and the look, the whole thing. I admire that.

I’m going to throw some names at you. Just respond with the first word that comes to mind.




Alaska Thunderfuck


Sharon Needles


Bianca Del Rio


Ginger Minj


Jinx Monsoon

So crazy.



Mimi Imfurst




Is she falling asleep?

I think she’s going to pass out in her plate of food. (Pearl mumbles something). I’m doing an interview Pearl, if this were your interview you’d do the splits on Donnarama’s face and fart in her mouth! (laughs)

(Closes mouth).

But also, I have a pageant response to this. A lot of people expect there to be cattiness and competition, but there’s also something else. Though some of us are different, we really are also a team. I’m quite fond of the people I’ve met. I’ve had rough patches and needed someone to call, and there have been people there for me, to bring me back down to earth. There’s a sisterhood and people should know that. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to know them and to grow with them. and I’m grateful to be on this journey!

Don’t miss Miss Fame as she sings aloud and proud at Toronto Pride for this 35th Anniversary extravaganza. Check back in with theBuzz for more Drag ON! performer profiles.


Beauty Marked “Beauty Marked” now available on itunes.

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