photo 2

It’s orange and black at 3:33
It ‘s only Jack O Lantern’s glow eyes that see
The feline who is stalking me



I turn yell. ” Boo !” She flees
The wind hides her rustling thru the trees
The Moon smiles it’s smile but decrees
“A witches curse is set on thee ”

photo (7)



Cloud crosses the night
Despite a good fright
I’ll be alright
For its All Hallows’ eve

And those who believe
Take so much delight
From this scary night

Adorned and Disguised
Everyone has surmised
That to trick and to treat
Will lead to much sweetphoto 4

Laughter and screams
A time to dream
The fantasy great
A grand celebrate
Of what came before
Legends and loreIMG_3952
The spirits draw near
But no need to fear
Or become undone
Just give into the fun
Enjoy two worlds meeting
Although it is fleeting
This One night be curious
Of all that’s mysterious
Whatever you do
Become other than you
Wear a mask, take a chance
Hold hands with the devil or
Ask an angel to danceIMG_3998

Halloween is upon us and with my spicy pumpkin latte by my side I am pondering what to don this year .

Costume ideas swirl around my head like the cream foam atop what I’m sipping because yes, despite my residence in adultville, becoming a character for an evening of fun is one of my absolute favourite things to do.
Designing costumes has been a big part of my life as I was raised by a dance teacher, and spent countless hours gluing rhinestones and sewing sequins. Fast forward to now where creating a character to become for an evening has not lost it’s charm for me
In fact many of us cherish Halloween night as it’s a touchstone to our childhoods.

photo 1

Those with children have a great excuse for the ritual candy gathering and dressing up but It’s also a huge hit with the gays! Drag Queens everywhere get madly creative and strut their finery down Church Street for all to admire.  Last year thee fog and cold rain did not deter peeps from getting into the spirit , here are a few photos from Church street 2014.

IMG_4092 IMG_4149 IMG_4066 IMG_4034 IMG_4062 IMG_3957 IMG_3965 IMG_3976 IMG_3941IMG_4003IMG_3994 IMG_4028 IMG_4030 1401143_10200093778184565_5972807697434225523_o
Teacher Krista Burgess told me “Halloween is that magical time of year where “we queers” aren’t influenced by the patriarchal bullshit other Christian holidays are framed by.”photo 3

My friends are buzzing on who’s going where and what to wear. Some are secretive and some use old standbys year after year. I admit I did a few years in a row as a not very original but always popular idea the Vampire . The fake blood stained everything was very sticky and the fangs made me drool but I enjoyed putting on the creepy.IMG_4187 IMG_4179

In the past few years I’ve become Little Red Riding Hood, a Mermaid , and my favourite was last year at DJ Dallas’s Dead Legend Party when I was the late great Amy Winehouse. IMG_4174


This year is no exception, and I am already scouting thrift stores for the pieces that will eventually be this years transformation.

I won’t tell as the surprised faces of my pals is part of the fun, but I will let you know that besides the village clubs and incredible annual people watching extravaganza on Church Street, 12096451_1043012439063850_4731796200887420418_n

there are many places for us girls and our playmates to party this Halloween

The Eton House on the Danforth hosts the band Grace, $15 cover

Toastr is back at Wayla

Stiletto Flats rocks The Old Nick

Hey Lady is even hosting a party the week after, so if you didn’t get enough horror and hilarity on the 31st you can do it all over again!

In a discussion I had this week about how psyched I am about this holiday, I was told by a humbugger “Kitty you know Halloween isn’t a real holiday right?”


I’m going to let Krista have the last word. “I am a pagan and have always celebrated both Samhain AND the ghoulish masquerade fun of Halloween. It’s Gay Christmas! “halloween-background_f1ZuotOO

About the Author

Cat Grant OCAD is a multimedia artist. A published poet currently writing a book,she contributes to Hone Life, Jingobox and her blog for theBUZZ Kitty Indacity. Painting, sculpture, photography/video, choreography/dance & costume design also make her days. Cat has worked with Deadmau5, Panasonic, Sony, Konami and volunteers for many queer organizations.