Five-time JUNO Award-winner Simone Denny releases her long-awaited debut solo album, “The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1” on October 16, 2015. The record is available on CD, and limited edition vinyl in early 2016. Denny is best known as the lead singer of Platinum-selling Canadian group Love Inc., who produced several club anthems during the 1990’s, including “Broken Bones” and “You’re a Superstar“.

On this new album Denny departs from Dance music to embrace her soulful side, and it works marvelously. The album blends elements of R&B, Rock and Roll and 60’s Soul to produce 10 emotional and captivating tracks, including the lead track “Your Love Fades Away.” My suggestion is to stop reading right now and grab a copy of this new album, as it surprisingly wonderful, soulful, sultry, and sexy!

“I am so excited with the way this album showcases my voice,” says Denny. “Soul is the main genre I grew up on – it’s how I learned to sing. A soul recording was always part of my plan and I’m glad I got the chance to explore music on my own terms. We added so many elements, it really has an eclectic feel. It has been an amazing journey exploring love and even some deeper social issues. I can’t wait to share this with all of you.”

Produced by Stereo Dynamite Recordings’ Adam Sewell, The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1 has been a vision in the making since 2011. Denny’s evolved sound and prowess is showcased on “Your Love Fades Away” a song that captures the anguish of a dying relationship. As a follow up, the songstress’ current single “Shelter In My Arms” is a sultry reflection infused with passionate lyrics. Seductive, heartbreaking and romantic, each track demonstrates the emotional quality of the Torontonian’s booming vocals. Her cover of ABC’s “Look of Love” gives this hit 80’s track a refreshed new life. “This Ain’t Our Life” instantly brings you to a smokey speakeasy blues bar, then the closing song “Breathe Again” actually takes your breath away with its dreamy, trance like melodies, and if “Tease Me” doesn’t get you laid when you play it for that someone special, then press repeat.

There’s such a variety of great tunes on this album that it’s certainly hard to pick on favourite. This album should break sound barriers, top the charts, and bring Denny the adoration she deserves. She’s a true sincere chanteuse that proves her worth as one of Canada’s best kept secrets. This is your second chance to log off and buy this album. Do it now!

Denny’s musical background started when she rose to prominence as the lead vocalist for Juno award-winning Love, Inc, a collaboration between herself and producers Chris Sheppard and Brad Daymond. After the members of Love Inc. went their separate ways, Denny partnered with Canadian duo Widelife. This partnership resulted in hits “I Don’t Want You” and “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)“, the theme song for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

> 1. Your Love Fades Away
> 2. Black Roses
> 3. Tease Me
> 4. Shelter In My Arms
> 5. This Ain’t Our Time
> 6. One Last Midnight
> 7. She Don’t Care About You
> 8. Just Like Lightning
> 9. The Look Of Love
> 10. Breathe Again

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