Last month while many were preparing (Canadian) Thanksgiving turkey and sitting cross-legged at the dinner table, on our best behaviour in front of the family, there were others who descended down upon Montreal in a swarm of excitement, bright eyed and bushy-tailed with a hedonistic sense of adventure. No, this was not Pride, it was the 25th Anniversary of Black & Blue, one of the biggest circuit parties in the world. In fact, it is the world’s largest Gay Benefit Dance Festival!

It’s gotten so big over the past few years that even booking a hotel requires you do so months in advance. This year, they maintained their standards and reason for being one of the best parties in the world, with various events and an array of international performers, DJ’s and sound, stage and lighting that is nothing but exceptional.

So, next year, instead of carving a turkey, why not swing down to Montreal and carve your name into some man-meat instead, because there is eye-candy-a-plenty wearing next to nothing

If my description isn’t enough to persuade you, then visit their website for more information and take a peek at some of the party pix from this year posted below. Special thanks to the Photographer Bob Hendriks for capturing these hot shots!












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Brandon Michael Lee is a Toronto based Award Winning Event Designer, Writer and Filmmaker. He spends his days surrounded by his two dogs, cupcakes and coffee and one day dreams of having a big fat gay wedding. While on the outside, he is a fabulous and stylish gay man… on the inside he is a tool belt wearing, shelf building, Tori Amos listening lesbian. Oh and he loves beards and tattoos.