This is part two of my story on Sydney Blu the talented Canadian DJ  whose famous Blu Party hit Toronto for the first time last 3 (1)

Her many admirers were excited and definitely not disappointed. Party goer Michael Thorner  had many likes to tell me about his experience at the Blu Party.

”I liked the venue,

I liked the lighting system,

I liked the DJ line-up,

I like that Sydney Blu embraces diversity and inclusivity.”

Yup pretty much a lot to like.12191437_10153285810218723_2876800050872618946_n

This Thunder Bay native has become very popular which means busy, but she squeezed in the time for a chat with me before the show while she was cooking  a self described “ boring” dinner of fish and veggies.

Her earliest musical influences was 1980’s pop. photo 4 (1)photo 3 (2)

“I listened to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, my favourite album was Flashdance”61D5LFQXXsL._SL1093_

Sydney’s first experience with her forté, house music, came while making up routines as a cheerleader in high school. photo 2 (3)Hanging out with local DJ’s gave her the access to underground mix cassettes while attending college in Ottawa. She was invited to a party with local DJ’s where she fell in love with what she terms”proper house”.

She moved to Toronto and bought her own set of  turntables. photo 1 (2)While wearing  her own DJ hat she discovered other Women DJ’s that impressed her as well, such as  Dayoga .“She was in this women’s collective called ‘The Super Janes. There were four of them in the pack and they were all really talented, like the best female house DJ’s around for that time. They were inspirational badass chicks for sure”

photo 1 (3)

Sydney is creating her own following as well. Ruby Macfarlane a house enthusiast and first time seeing Sydney told me about why she in turn has become impressed with Ms. Blu.“What I love most about Sydney, is the way that she mixes (blends) classic house, in with modern house, creating a whole new song that both younger and older can enjoy. She remixes smoothly, tastefully, and effortlessly.”11224419_10153287388608723_3332181429182798934_n

Sydney said she has always wanted her own record label. In 2009 she started Blu Music after coming off Mau5trap recordings, the fellow Canadian DJ Deadmau5 label where she had had some successes. When not at the club Sydney listens to house music. “I have to… it’s work and I have to be consistently listening for my radio show and getting inspired”


She also enjoys Florence the Machine, Massive Attack, and Portishead,” I listen to pop, Elton John, Simon & Garfunkl…stuff like that”

photo 4 photo 5

A day off? If she takes one, it’s spent hanging out and watching movies. “Ultimately I  am a go-go person and usually try to get stuff done for my work life… business, the label, the DJing side, the producing side of it, and there’s also the radio show. I have a lot going on!”

So whats a  guilty pleasure then? “Chocolate! All the Halloween candy!”

“My new album released a couple months ago is wicked awesome”, Sydney enthused when I asked what she’s touring and where we can buy her music. “The album and songs coming off my label you can get them all from iTunes or Beatport.”

Toronto’s Blu Party lived up to it’s hype according to Ruby “The venue has an amazing lighting and sound system. Their system reminded me of the nights I would just skip the lesbian bar and go to The Barn to dance with the boyz.”

photo 4-2 photo 4 (1) photo 1-2 photo 5

“Every song wouldn’t let me leave the dance floor. Every song! Makes you wonder what she has up next. She’s simply a gift to house lovers like me”, Rudy admits.

Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 11.02.00 PM

Sydney will be back in Toronto for New Years Eve at Warehouse.

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