He Never Died opens today in Toronto at the Royal Cinema, as well as other Canadian and US locations. It’s a 2015 American/Canadian comedic horror film that was filmed right here in the T-Dot, the Six, the 416, or whatever it’s being called these days., back in November/December 2013. Watch for lots of Queen West shots, particularly around Bathurst, and also catch Rollins drowning his sorrows at the legendary Bovine Sex Club.

It had its world premiere  this year  at South by Southwest in Austin, and stars Henry Rollins (Black Flag) as Jack, an immortal, cannibalistic loner that has withdrawn from society to protect both himself and others. Jack has developed a routine for his life that he sticks to in order to avoid giving into the impulse to engage in cannibalism. He stays away from society other than the occasional trips to local diners, bingo games, and the hospital, where he purchases blood from a hospital intern, Jeremy (Booboo Stewart). After returning from one trip Jack is confronted by the mobsters Steve and Short, who are looking for Jeremy.

Jack’s routine is further interrupted by his ex-girlfriend Jillian’s revelation that he has a daughter named Andrea (Jordan Todosey), who had earlier tried to contact him. Unhappy, Jack agrees to locate Andrea but stresses that he wants no further contact with Jillian. He finds Andrea and takes her with him to his favorite diner, where she meets Cara (Kate Greenhouse), a waitress with a crush on Jack. While Jack slowly bonds with Andrea he begins to see visions of a man with a goatee and also manages to foil Steve and Short’s attempt to kidnap Jeremy. He’s surprised when he discovers that Andrea can also see the man, as previously only Jack could see him. Are you still following along here?

With a plot line that starts off quite slow and unassuming, and one-liners that often fall limp, the film eventually ramps up and becomes quite interesting, and often comedic despite the gore. Rollins deadpan character is spot on for a real life angry punk rock musician, who now travels the world giving inspirational talks. The slow and detailed camera work adds to the humour, as due the two fumbling mobsters that are reminiscent of the “Home Alone” burglars. Overall if a comparison had to be made for this film, it would be to “Evil Dead”, which in the end is not a bad flick to be in the same league with.

Go see it, and ask the theatre if they have a splatter zone, just for a reaction. Also opening in Ottawa and Kitchener, as well as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Salem, Mesquite, and Columbus.

If it’s not screening near you, it’s also being released on VOD today as well. Watch Twitter for further updates, and watch a preview here. There’s also talk of a mini-series to be spawned from the feature film.

Henry Rollins is a musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist. He’s also campaigned for various political causes in the United States, including promoting LGBT rights, World Hunger Relief, and a global end to war. Watch for Rollins in his next feature, Gutterdämmerung, along with other well known musicians including Grace Jones and Iggy Pop.




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