If you have yet to visit The Men’s Room above Woody’s, I will assume you don’t get out much. Aside from hosting an array of awesome clothes as well as some fetish gear, the boys have brought along my good friend and AWESOME barber, Peter.

Heading through the back of the store you’ll come to the newly established barber area, where Peter’s warm laughter can be heard, and he’s bound to greet you with a big smile. I first met Peter a few years ago when he was working at a big salon, and even then his one-on-one way of dealing with clients far exceeds that of other stylists and barbers I’ve been to.


I started off with a haircut, and I must say, Peter is one of those rare barbers who you can just feel completely at ease and say “do what you think will look good”, and he’ll do it. You don’t have to worry about what he’ll do to you, because he’ll actually do something that makes you look good to others, and look good to yourself.


Next up was a shave… well a shaping and cleaning up of the beard while I see how much of one I can grow. Now, let me tell you there’s something about someone putting a straight razor to your throat that makes your balls curl up into your abdomen, not to mention the first time I got a straight razor shave it hurt like hell, but there’s something about Peter’s technique that just glides that blade so smoothly across your skin with no pain (or fear) and leaves you with the smoothest shave EVER! I’ve never experienced anything like it.


So, if you are looking to pamper yourself amid your Men’s Room shopping, stop by and see Peter, or get a gift certificate for the man in your life, because this is one treat every guy should get!

In the meantime, have a look through the gallery and see how much fun we had!!!

Special thanks to Sarah Renton for the photography!

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Brandon Michael Lee is a Toronto based Award Winning Event Designer, Writer and Filmmaker. He spends his days surrounded by his two dogs, cupcakes and coffee and one day dreams of having a big fat gay wedding. While on the outside, he is a fabulous and stylish gay man… on the inside he is a tool belt wearing, shelf building, Tori Amos listening lesbian. Oh and he loves beards and tattoos. http://www.brandonmichaellee.com http://www.style-me-manly.com