FOOD IS LOVE  Valentine’s Day has come and gone. So what about after Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t we always spread love in the world? We think so. Today, tomorrow and every day is a good day to show those you care for that you do love them.


We can’t think of a better way to express how much you care for someone than by breaking bread with them. After all, both in the symbolic and metaphoric sense of the word, food is a gift from the heavens. Food is delicious. Food is pleasurable. Food can make us feel good. Eating nourishing food, making nourishing food, feeding others, celebrating with others, if that’s not love – then what is?

You don’t need to over spend or over indulge either. You can still find a cozy place where the food is nourishing, the setting is warm and comfortable, and where you can have an uninterrupted conversation. We’ve taken the time to suggest three in this post with an added plus. These are all establishments where you can augh loudly without the sneers of fellow customers, or stink eye from a bourgeois eatery owner or the staff.

Grasshopper Restaurant. Located at 310 College Street. A vegetarian and vegan gem in Toronto. The food is delicious and guaranteed heart healthy. Cozy, clean and comfortable much like a sound relationship. Ours is not the only great review. So many patrons not only love the food and drinks, and also that eating here is easy on the budget. Find out more about this lovely eatery on their website

Indian Street Food Company. Located at 1701 Bayview Avenue. A beautiful little restaurant that pays homage to the street hawkers and innovative cuisine of the old coffee shops in India. Not only is the menu an ever changing representation of the chefs passion, but it is a wonderful date adventure too. Imagine yourselves in Delhi or Mumbai, not just enjoying the magic of this hideaway, but also each other. We suggest that you make reservations.


This last recommended date place is surely a relationship cultivating experience.  FOOD IS LOVE 3Patria Restaurant is an authentic Spanish Tapas Dining Room, right here in our midst. Located at 478 King St. West, this establishment delivers on the word traditional. Manchego cheese, olives and Jamón abound at Patria. Ordering Spanish wine with whatever tapas you order is almost as important as sharing. Tapas restaurants are designed to incite passionate conversation. Stop eating and talking only long enough to kiss. Reservations are required

Finally, to all those reading this blog, love yourself enough to be one with dessert. It can be as simple and as healthy as a ripe strawberry.

Love is sweet because it compliments life much like dessert compliments a meal.FOOD IS LOVE 2


About the Author

Joie Lamar recently released her first novel 'Mambo Lips' to rave reviews, and is working on volume two of the series titled 'Salsa Hips' which will be out in November 2015. Natalie is famous for her ‘Dessert Diva’ cheesecakes and especially busy during the spring season baking for numerous long term clients and new celebrations. They both enjoy travel, writing, food and the arts.