MOUTH CONGRESS, a reference to oral sex found in the Sir Richard Burton translation of the Kama Sutra, was founded in 1984 when Paul Bellini rented a beatbox from Long & McQuade so he and Scott Thompson could jam around the big freezer in their basement. Today, they reference themselves as The Original Gay Punk Band.

An openly gay punk band at a time when no other existed, Paul and Scott spent a year writing songs before their first gig, opening for other Kids In The Hall alumni Bruce McCulloch at The Rivoli on Queen Street in Toronto. Seemingly destined for greatness, MOUTH CONGRESS played gigs around the city, soon building a cult following.

They cut a demo in 1986, which was never released due to Thompson’s increasing success with The Kids in the Hall, and MOUTH CONGRESS quietly became a Queen Street urban legend. However, over the last few years, Paul Bellini (who went on to write for KITH) has digitally compiled MOUTH CONGRESS’ entire catalogue of 647 recordings, as well as video of every live show plus other ‘home’ movies from the day.

24 years since their last gig, and 32 years since they were originally formed, MOUTH CONGRESS are reuniting for one night only at The Rivoli on Sunday, February 21 for an hour of the most ridiculous yet committed rock ’n’ roll since Spinal Tap!

The evening will be recorded as part of the ongoing documentation of MOUTH CONGRESS.

Tickets $10 at the door.  The Rivoli is located at 332 Queen Street West.

Paul Bellini is also a regular contributor to theBUZZ with his column, Bumble-ini



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