“[Beryl Mendelbaum] is a bitter, seething, mean-spirited Jewish retiree from Boca.” –Lady Bunny

Bruce Jope co-founded the Hit Parade Magazine, and infamous clubs such as the former Love Shack in Provincetown, but most recently he’s the mastermind behind the Facebook drag persona Beryl Mandelbaum, his alter ego and an internet drag sensation who delivers straight advice that’s only universal in it’s offensiveness.

Originally born in New York City, Beryl moved into a large Jewish community in Brookline, Massachusetts where she taught herself jazz dancing and shoplifting, until later enrolling in Secretarial Studies and Husband Hunting at the Katherine Gibbs School. After graduation, Beryl and her husband retired to Boca Raton, but he was soon found suffocated under ‘mysterious circumstances’. Although she maintains her innocence, police keep Beryl under house arrest while she completes her first self-hate book and co-writes Lady Bunny’s hit show, Clowns Syndrome.

About the Author

Raymond Helkio is an author, director filmmaker, and graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design. He currently lives in both Toronto and New York. His most recent play, LEDUC, is now available in paperback. www.raymondhelkio.com