In this episode of Closet Case we chat with Gabrielle Cryan from Irish Queers NYC who will be joining hundreds of other NYC queers marching in the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the first year ever in an official capacity.

Emmaia Gelman, also from Irish Queers NYC wroteThis Thursday, Irish Queers break with 25 years of protest against the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and march up Fifth Avenue in the actual parade. Believe that we are overjoyed that we don’t have to protest anymore. As per the rules of the parade, we’ll be in “business casual attire” and will be stripped of any message besides “we’re Irish, homosexual, and finally in this @#$%^ parade.”

Read Emmaia”s full article, “This Year We March”, in Gay City News.

NEXT WEEK ON CLOSET CASE: We visit Sherry Vine who just got back from her Euro tour of National Treasures with drag legends Bianca Del Rio, Jackie Beat and Lady Bunny. Sherry speaks to us about BiPolar at Therapy, her new TV Channel and what makes a killer high heel show.

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