For the past 25 years Sherry Vine has dominated the scene as an internationally renowned drag artist. In the 90’s Sherry cofounded Theatre Couture which allowed her and her friends to mount off-the-wall camp productions like their notorious remake of the horror classic Carrie. She has lived in Barcelona and Berlin and she has recently returned to New York City after the wildly successful National Treasures tour featuring Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio and Jackie Beat.

Sherry recently launched her real-deal, gayer than gay, YouTube channel SCTV, which hosts original programming including her hysterical music video parodies, short films and the web series collaboration Sherry and The Greek which she cohosts with internet veteran Chris Semers.

In New York City you see Sherry and cohost Peppermint every Tuesday for BiPolar at Therapy and her weekly Friday night solo show Adult Content at Industry.

CoHost Peppermint serves it up at Sherry Vine's weekly show BiPolar at Therapy bar.

Pictured above: cohost Peppermint serving it up with Sherry Vine at the weekly BiPolar show, Therapy bar, NYC.

About the Author

Raymond Helkio is an author, director filmmaker, and graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design. He currently lives in both Toronto and New York. His most recent play, LEDUC, is now available in paperback.