Long Winter & Heretical Objects Cooperative proudly presents Insulator: a giant audio-virtual maze installation that takes place inside the Sandbox, Artscapes new, 6000 sq ft performance space at Adelaide and Widmer.

2 nights of different Improvised collaborative performances by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Holy Fuck, Lido Pimienta, DOOMSQUAD, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Not the Wind Not the Flag, JOOJ, Egyptrixx, Soupcans, and Fucked Up will make up the surround sound live score accompanying the installation.

The INsulator space is designed so the audience finds themselves navigating through a sheer, semi-inflatable maze/fort structure. The musicians will play behind the fabric walls of the fort, providing a visceral sonic landscape as attendees create their own immersive experiences inside the labyrinth. Layered video projections provided by new Toronto production team PORCH will bleed through the maze on repetitive loops, consistently shifting contexts with the amorphous improvised musical scores. New perspectives on the relationship between sound and image will emerge, empowering the audience with the agency of signification and actualization.

This collaborative sonic sculpture offers two spheres to its exhibition: the sphere of the performer, and the sphere of the spectator. There is a conscious division between the two spheres, where each subtly influences the other through osmosis, rather than direct transfer. This is a unique opportunity to listen to some of Toronto’s most exciting musicians make music together, shaping immersive landscapes that converse with the energy of the space.

About the team behind the project.

Long Winter is a curated interdisciplinary arts festival series based in Toronto, Ontario. The concept is to promote live concert events that go beyond just showcasing great music.

Heretical Objects Cooperative is a multi-disciplinary cross-country cooperative of artists and administrators whose varied approaches and visions are bound together in the spirit of collaboration and a total observance of existential DIY. Working in film, music, dance, and art, H.O.C. has exhibited across Canada in large scale, site-specific projects. Collaboratively they have curated many multifaceted events, and have been releasing the music of Canadian bands since 2011.


Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Holy Fuck, Lido Pimienta, DOOMSQUAD, Mary Margaret OÂ’Hara, Not the Wind Not the Flag, JOOJ, Egyptrixx, Soupcans, and Fucked Up.



Curated by Jaclyn Blumas

Long Winter

Heretical Objects Cooperative




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