In the current issue of theBUZZ Magazine I spoke with the Bob The Drag Queen who is taking over RuPaul’s Drag Race. You can read the official interview here, but off-the-record we talked about a number of pressing issues like left boobs, God and the merits of a thin waistline. What follows may not be pretty but it is funny.

Ray: What is the most loving thing you’ve ever seen another contestant do?
Bob: Everything that Cynthia Lee Fontaine has ever done. That woman would give you her left boob if she thought you needed it, you wouldn’t even have to ask her for it. You could even be telling her that ‘no, no, it’s okay’ and she’d still be slicing it off anyway and handing it over to you.

Ray: When all is said and done how do you want people to remember you?
Bob: As a God. [a lot of laughter, followed by silence]

When describing her style she says “I look for things that really give me a thin waistline” and most of her outfits she auctions under the Charity 4 The People tour umbrella which raises money for charitable causes through items she has “stolen” from RuPaul’s Drag Race. For example her gown from Season 8’s Main Challenge (pictured here) has just went for $425.oo USD, all of which goes to charities in cities where she is performing.

Read the full interview with Bob The Drag Queen in the current issue of theBUZZ.

Bobbin’ Around (below) is Bob’s new behind-the-scenes web series, and episode one starts from their latest visit to Toronto. There’s already a whole bunch of them posted, but how sweet that Toronto is in the first.

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