Drag ON! takes over Dundas Square on July 2nd starting at 2pm, as Pride Toronto serves up a ferocious sequel to last year’s over-the-top and overwhelmingly successful event. Be a part of drag history as DRAG ON! snatches the official Guinness Book of World Records title for Largest Drag Stage Performance.  Featuring the fiercest looks and freshest routines of more than 50 of Toronto’s reigning queens, kings, and other gender-benders, with  a backdrop of dramatic beats by Britney Spears impersonator extraordinaire Derrick Barry (RuPaul’s Drag Race, X Factor) Co-hosted by legendary lovelies, Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio.

theBUZZ asked one of Toronto’s newest scene queens, Boa, to grab a few words with some of the performers who will be strutting their stuff on stage at this year’s event.

Featured Performer – Courtney Conquers

Boa – Tell me about yourself! How did you get your drag name? What type of style would you say that your drag is?

Courtey – I’m a female drag queen and an avid drag fan who travels to shows around North America with a little drag fan collective called the Drag Coven! I got my drag name from a friend who knows me well and thought it suited. Courtney is my first name, but I wanted to change my second name on all my social networks because I couldn’t put my real surname there because of my dads job. A friend suggested Conquers because I’m very opinionated and I loved it, so I started using that name online. When I started doing drag, it just made sense! My style of drag varies. I do a lot of recreation looks to show other artists how much I appreciate their work and to learn new costuming, makeup, and wig styling techniques, but over all my drag is just a brighter, more excited, more sparkly version of myself.

Boa – What does “Pride” mean to you?

Courtney – To me, “Pride” means having the confidence to be yourself and do so happily and with joy. It means playing a role in a community that celebrates you for what makes you unique.

Boa – How do you plan on celebrating Pride, this year?

Courtney – We’ve celebrated Pride how we always celebrate art and drag- by traveling to as many shows and events as we can and showing as many artists as we can some love! We went to Motor City Pride in Detroit, Columbus Pride, NYC Pride, and we’ll be performing at Drag On for Pride Toronto! We’ll also be going to every drag event Toronto has to offer until Pride is over!

Boa – We’ve been seeing a lot of hype around Toronto pride’s “Drag ON”! What would you say that you’re most exited for at “Drag ON”?

Courtney – Me, my Drag Coven partner Ja’mie Queen, and another female drag queen named Dottie Dangerfield are doing a number together in Drag On! I’m most excited about showing everyone that lady queens are bad ass drag artists too.

Boa – What types of themes or artists would you say has inspired your “Drag On!” performance the most?

Courtney –  Our Drag On number is inspired by awesome, strong female cartoon characters who also have style.

Check the official Drag ON! Facebook Page for the latest schedule of performers and performance times.


About the Author

Boa (Bitch on Arrival) is one of Toronto's youngest performing drag queens! Starting off in the industrial city of Windsor and moving to Toronto in 2014 to fulfill her drag career; Boa has really made a name for herself.