Drag ON! takes over Dundas Square on July 2nd starting at 2pm, as Pride Toronto serves up a ferocious sequel to last year’s over-the-top and overwhelmingly successful event. Be a part of drag history as DRAG ON! snatches the official Guinness Book of World Records title for Largest Drag Stage Performance.  Featuring the fiercest looks and freshest routines of more than 50 of Toronto’s reigning queens, kings, and other gender-benders, with  a backdrop of dramatic beats by Britney Spears impersonator extraordinaire Derrick Barry (RuPaul’s Drag Race, X Factor) Co-hosted by legendary lovelies, Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio.

theBUZZ asked one of Toronto’s newest scene queens, Boa, to grab a few words with some of the performers who will be strutting their stuff on stage at this year’s event.

Featured Performer – Dottie Dangerfield

Boa – Tell me about yourself! How did you get your drag name? What type of style would you say that your drag is? Etc

Dottie – I am Torontos Faux Queen phenomenon. My name is is inspired by the Legendary Rodney Dangerfield who was a comedian I grew up watching when I was a child, I always loved his shticky humor and one liners. The name Dottie I always liked and for me it represented a childlike, innocent and sweet quality. My style of drag is very influenced by very over the top and girly things , like dolls, pink, ruffles, frills and a vintage aesthetic. I like outfits that are very bright colored and graphic and sparkle and shine. My style of performance is Campy, Filthy, Liberated, Sexual, over the top, not apologetic and most of all genuine

Boa – What does “pride” mean to you?

Dottie – Pride to me represents people of all backgrounds coming together to celebrate love and acceptance. Pride to me means celebrating the older generation who paved the way for the younger generation. Pride for me is a place I can be me , a place I can celebrate being myself and a place I can perform however I want.

Boa – How do you plan on celebrating pride, this year?

Dottie – I plan on celebrating pride surrounded by my family and friends , going to different events around the city and performing in a few myself.

Boa – we’ve been seeing a lot of hype around Toronto pride’s “Drag ON”! are you participating?

Dottie – I am participating in Drag on, I am actually in a three different numbers. The first one is with my Drag Family the House of Filth , Second I will be appearing alongside two other bio queens Courtney Conquers and Ja’amie, the third number I will be with my sister Fisher Price. What would you say that you’re most excited for at “Drag ON”? The thing that gets me the most excited for Drag On is not just the international talent we have coming but all the local talent. I am so excited to see what we all put together, to see everyone’s creativity and spend the day performing in the beautiful weather.

Boa – What types of themes or artists would you say has inspired your “Drag On!” performance the most?

Dottie – I would say some of the themes that inspired my Drag on Performances are Cartoons, Filth, Sex, Camp and individuality.

Check the official Drag ON! Facebook Page for the latest schedule of performers and performance times.

About the Author

Boa (Bitch on Arrival) is one of Toronto's youngest performing drag queens! Starting off in the industrial city of Windsor and moving to Toronto in 2014 to fulfill her drag career; Boa has really made a name for herself.