The most popular activity this summer for sun loving LGBTQ Toronto folks, aside from Golden Girls reruns, patio surfing and mourning “Barb”, are the leisurely and fun, sunny beaches of our hometown T.O.

It’s hot, sandy and dandy upon visitation to one of the many waterfront destinations Toronto has on offer, and there’s ice cream! And men! Hot sexy sweaty men. Eating ice cream.

Torontonians have a rather vivacious appetite to head out and catch the rays, given that the cold months dominate our Northern region, leaving us yearning for the warmer seasons. With a month or so to go it’s not to be missed.

True, Lake Ontario smells like a forgotten g-string at the bottom of my drag bag, but some areas are safe for swimming, so fear not and dive in. Look for a “Blue Flag” destination if you’re out for a swim as it determines water quality for your safety.

Notable Toronto beach destinations include the world famous Hanlan’s Point, Cherry Beach, Sunnyside, and Sugar Beach.

Hanlan’s Point, with it’s certified clothing optional nude area has a huge gay crowd in attendance and welcomes everyone inclusively, all genders no matter your shape or size, which is quite liberating because my ass is casting quite the shadow these days thanks to that sale on Nutella at Loblaws. Fairies can catch the ferry at the foot of the Queens Quay upon exit from Union Station for a 15 minute ride to the other side.

My personal favorite is Sugar Beach. Introduced to the public in 2010, this $14 million dollar production and lavish design located across from the Redpath Sugar Refinery on the lake, has a visual sugar theme throughout. Candy stripped stones and white sand make it like a cocaine dream Courtney Love might have had back in the day. This location wasn’t meant for swimming so much as it’s a social and relaxation space, even perfect for a date.

Sunnyside located close to the Queen Street Parkdale area is a delightful place to visit and has the Sunnyside Cafe close by for summerlicious refreshments and treats. The hookers walking around add character and if you don’t see crack peeking out of a swimsuit you’ll probably find an empty baggie of it lying around during your visit. Just kidding! Sigh…Parkdale.

Cherry Beach, which sounds filthy from the get go, is a bit more of a rough space and not quite as nurtured and manicured an area, but has vast room if you’re going to the lake for whatever water sports you’re into – pun intended.

Grab a towel and suit and check it out hons, show off your buns! Get out of the house and into the sun. See you on the beach!


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The beautiful and legendary Donnarama has graced the stages of T.O with outrageous costumes and comedy skits, and there is never a dull moment! A scene queen and Canadian drag staple, her dedication, pioneering originality and uniqueness have scored her numerous awards, bar titles and visits to therapy. Visit Donnarama on Facebook: