Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) is North America’s largest commuter film festival, and 2016 marks its 10th anniversary. North America’s first, largest, and longest running subway film festival, the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), features silent, 60-second film video and animation from across the globe. Reaching more than one million daily commuters on subway platform screens across the Toronto transit system, TUFF blurs the line between art and reality within the utilitarian setting of public transit every September.

“TUFF is committed to showcasing cinema that challenges the boundaries of art, film and public space,” says TUFF founder and organizer Sharon Switzer. “We are proud to offer travellers a uniquely urban cinematic experience that reminds them of the culture they have access to while living and working in Toronto. TUFF wants to inspire people to re-imagine their daily commute and daily lives.”

“I was delighted to watch all the films in this year’s TUFF,” said TUFF 2016 Guest Judge, Toronto Film Commissioner & Director of Entertainment Zaib Shaikh. “The range of subjects and styles were vast: from rough and ready to commercial and polished. The best films demonstrated an urgent reason to communicate along with the technique to support it,” said Shaikh. “Viewers are sure to be captivated.”

Curated from 485 submissions from 60 countries, TUFF’s 10-year-anniversary edition will be screening 72 official selections from 26 countries, 31 of which are from Canada. Reaching 1.4 million people daily on PATTISON Onestop subway platform screens and an additional 16 Toronto Public Library locations throughout the duration of the festival, TUFF’s 10-year anniversary programming includes the following 10 programs:

Slow Your Roll (Sept. 14): a collection of reminders to slow down/take the road less traveled;

Labelles (Sept. 15): portrayals of women as witches, wives and everything in-between;

Twist and Shout (Sept. 16): shorts that will keep you guessing;

Solitary (Sept. 17): yearnings for connection and kinship;

Waking Nightmare (Sept. 18): dark visions of lost souls and raccoons defeating evil

In addition, Too TUFF For The TTC is a program of mature shorts hosted exclusively on the TUFF website


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