PWR BTTM is an American queer punk duo composed of Liv Bruce and Ben HopkinsFor some, just the mention of the band name will be enough to get you clicking away, and maybe even leaving your comfy confines to go catch this Brooklyn-based queer outfit coming to Toronto on October 24th, 2016.

While it’s definitely not the first openly queer band to catch the attention of fans and fanzines, they certainly are one of the most in-your-face politically 2016. Bands like Pansy Division certainly will come to mind when listening to these two.

Bruce and Hopkins met in 2013, while they were both attending Bard College in southeastern New York State. The band was originally a trio, which played many shows at Bard College. They spent several months working together and developing their skills as a pair before playing their first show or releasing their first demo, Cinderella Beauty Shop.

The duo’s name is an alternative to the term “power bottom”, which is described by Fusion writer John Walker in a September 2015 article as “a receptive partner who eschews submission to play a dominant role during sex”, meaning that while someone is “bottoming”, they maintain the dominant power in a sexual interaction. Bruce and Hopkins both felt the name suited the group as a label of empowerment.

As of late 2016, the band has signed to Polyvinyl Record Co. and are in the process of writing and recording their sophomore album. Previous recordings include: one full length album (Ugly Cherries – 2015), Two EPs ) Cinderella Beauty Shop – 2014, Republican National Convention – 2015), and the following singles: “Ugly Cherries”, “Dairy Queen”, “Projection”, and “New Hampshire”.

Check out their latest video for “I Wanna Boi“.

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PWR BTTM plays the Silver Dollar (484 Spadina Ave) in Toronto on October 24th, along with supporting acts Bellows and Lisa Pranck. Get your tickets here.

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