Rolyn Chambers is the designer of the weekly FML event posters that parody famous movies with a decidedly queer bent. Held inside Flash on Church, the weekly party has been going strong for 6 years. Pole dancers make way for this wildly diverse crowd that take over the space with drag queens, club kids, art fags, bears, womyn, Tboys and girls, old, young, dancing, talking and partying. 

Here are Rolyn’s Top Six Reasons to FML on Mondays:

#6 The DJs!

FML has probably the best rotating roaster of DJs anywhere in The Village. Each brings their own unique style to the party and help create the FML vibe. DJ Craig Dominic (who celebrates his 9th year as a DJ), DJ Sumation (a Village staple), and DJ ReckLezz (who always leas me breathless on the dance floor), bring everything they have to the dance floor from their DJ booth

#5 Diversity
I think it’s the most inclusive party in the village, it’s representative of what the gay community actually looks like.

#4 Drag Talent
There’s always an FML show on Mondays, with two drag shows, hosted by MC MAMA MOJO, Barbie Jo Bontemps & André Jemared. As well, there are rotating drag queens, so we can create a different experience each week.

#3 Attitude-free Zone
No attitude, you can go to have fun or just go to the bar. The events tagline is “Drop the drama, join the party!”, and there is less of a sexual vibe, which allows the space to be more fun and care free.

#2 The Unintended Stripper Effect
FML happens on Monday nights at 11pm after the club closes and the Flash strippers are off work, but some of the guys hang out for the party, and things can get wild and crazy when they forget they’re off duty and give the party a little pole dance. Yum, free eye candy! 

#1 The Poster Parodies
We appropriate popular culture with a decidedly queer bent, which becomes the underlying theme for each night. It’s okay to go just for the posters, you know I do!

FML Mondays

(more poster parodies here)
Flash on Church
463 Church Street

Celebrating 6 Years of FML Mondays
Sponsored by The Men’s Room Shop

For bottle service reservations contact MoJo Toronto: Monty Tayara & Joey Viola

About the Author

Raymond Helkio is an author, director filmmaker, and graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design. He currently lives in both Toronto and New York. His most recent play, LEDUC, is now available in paperback.