The snow has fallen, the lights are out, the malls are abuzz with the rambling of shoppers. The excitement of the festive season is contagious. The gift wrapping and giving. The big family gatherings and food for days.

Whether it’s Christmas you celebrate, or Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Omisoka or any of the other religious and multicultural festivities that occur this time of year… they all have one thing in common.


Yes, we celebrate, eat, play games and just live in festive cheer. But not all of us. Yes, underneath the brightly lit streets and cheerful music, is the cold hard darkness of depression, isolation and just pure loneliness for some. I know this, because I’ve spent a number of years flying solo and eating Swiss Chalet on my own. I’ve sat in silence and sadness thinking of how far I am from the family I have that are still alive. I have been surrounded by the sadness of the three women in my life who have died in the last few years.

I’ve spent many a Christmas just lying under a blanket crying. And I’m not the only one, I guarantee you that. A lot ofour friends will smile as you ramble on about gifts and going home. But not once mentioning that they have no one and nowhere to go. But why?

There are so many reasons. Feeling like a “victim”. Fear. Not wanting to be a downer. Who can say?

So let’s no longer be a downer on this post. Let’s make a change. The holidays are about goodwill, kindness and love. So if you are able to invite someone into your home this year, do so. You don’t know what those actions might change in a person’s life.

So this holiday season, truly share the love. And when you notice that someone isn’t really engaging in your
“omg-I-just-decorated-my-tree-bought-my-gifts-made-my-eggnog” ramblings. Ask what someone has planned for their holidays.

If you can put a smile on their face this year. Give it a whirl. I know that I’m excited to be having a family Christmas this year… even if it’s not my family.

About the Author

Brandon Michael Lee is a Toronto based Award Winning Event Designer, Writer and Filmmaker. He spends his days surrounded by his two dogs, cupcakes and coffee and one day dreams of having a big fat gay wedding. While on the outside, he is a fabulous and stylish gay man… on the inside he is a tool belt wearing, shelf building, Tori Amos listening lesbian. Oh and he loves beards and tattoos.