The Walk & Monument of Heroes is a visual and interactive landmark located in Toronto and designed to cultivate a public understanding of the accomplishments by many in the LGBTQ community.  It is a reminder that Toronto, and Ontario as a whole, is and continues to be a city and province of many “firsts” in the fight against homophobia and trans-phobia. A monument will stand in celebration and respect of the heroes and heroines of our community.

The Walk & Monument of Heroes will be located in a local park, piece of land, or as part of an existing building project.  Discussions are underway!  The setting will provide the perfect space for visitors to remember, reflect and rejoice as well as foster a common understanding of the sacrifices and uncommon dedication of the many heroes and their families.

The design: A phoenix rising out of the ground; each wing engraved with the name of a Lifetime Achievement recipient on every feather. 

Once a year, the recipients of the INSPIRE Awards Lifetime Achievement Awards will be inducted to the Monument of Heroes. Some of the recipients to be inducted in the first ceremony include Drag Legend Michelle DuBarry, Trans Activist Boyd Kodak, Philanthropist Salah Bachir, MPP Cheri DiNovo, Activist Anna Willats, and late NDP Leader Jack Layton. The launch of the Walk & Monument of Heroes and the first inducting ceremony will take place in the Fall of 2017, and the annual inducting ceremony will be a public community street party, attended by the honourees, their families, friends, community leaders, officials, and media.

While items such as labour and materials will be donated in-kind by generous members of our community, this fundraiser will cover the most immediate startup costs of a down payment on land, or permits and legal fees.

We truly hope you can help make this design happen and shine, not only so it elicits Pride, but also that it becomes a Toronto tourist attraction; one that not only speaks of the LGBT community, but of Canada being at the forefront of LGBT freedom and acceptance.

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