Venus Flytrap is new musical comedy web-series following a band of young women intent on grabbing rock and roll by the balls in the land of Trumpistan. Together, it’s something WE can do to fight the powers that be, and laugh our asses off while we squeeze! Follow along as the punk feminist band Venus Flytrap (VFT) and their various cohorts disrupt the entertainment status quo with their own unique brand of comedy, anarchy, music and irreverence.

It’s “Fearless Girl” staring down “Charging Bull” on Wall Street with guitars. It’s PUSSY GRABS BACK in a queer-centric provocative show whose time has come. The punk feminist VENUS FLYTRAP (VFT) and their various cohorts will disrupt the entertainment status quo with their own unique brand of comedy, anarchy, music and mayhem. We’re totally going for it, lady-balls OUT and ON FIRE!

Venus Flytrap are inspired by the women artists of the late 1970s and 1980s – an international cadre of suffragettes that flocked to NYC and kicked up a fury of delicious noise and artistic mayhem. We’ll watch VFT resurrect the spirit of protest in music while navigating a world of dysfunctional families, sexualities, rival bands, managers and lovers who are all trying to push them into absurd concepts and styles in an attempt to snag the tarnished golden ring of rock glory.

Female icons like Margaret Cho, Lydia Lunch and Asia Argento will play characters that aid and abet their crimes against sexist culture. Legendary band-breaker Nic Harcourt rounds out the cast, saying, “I see VFT as a show that gives a voyeur’s look at the biz from a female point of view. Now is clearly the moment as well, as we see women and artists under attack by the Trump administration. I’ve joined the resistance. Plus Gil Brundy is the ant-Nic Harcourt… I’m looking forward to taking the piss out of myself.”

Guest appearances by artists/bands (contemporary and from punk and no wave’s glory days) will abound, such as Donita Sparks (L7) – the older generation of legendary wild women will show up as grannies, mothers, and managers. The VFT series will raise all hell about politricks, take the piss out of the recording industry and shame the cultural gatekeepers while fighting the tyranny of our present days.  What beats at the heart of this Kali-esque beauty-beast? Rock’s lost essence of protest and the absence of a gender-bending revolutionary ‘fuck you’ spirit in contemporary music. The moment is ripe for female insurgency in art again.

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ZAMI GIRL STORIES is creator/writer/director ADELE BERTEI and producer NATALIE HILL. Adele grew up in the NO WAVE art/music scene of the late 1970s/80s and is best known for her role in Lizzie Borden’s feminist science fiction film BORN IN FLAMES as well as bands THE CONTORTIONS and the first out-lesbian rock band, THE BLOODS. She’s had hits with Thomas Dolby and Jellybean Benitez and has toured with/ written songs for many musical icons, such as  Writer/Director Bertei is known for writing, touring, singing and performing on hit songs with artists like Thomas Dolby, Tears for Fears, Whitney Houston, Sheena Easton, Sparks, and Culture Club, to name a few. 

Bertei states, I created Venus Flytrap as a feminist roar against male-dominated rock series, and I’m thrilled that it has now attracted such an amazing cast. Every person is perfect for their prospective role, and I know all will elevate the comedy, defiance and music of this series to its ultimate expression. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to have younger musicians meet their idols; the women from the 70s 80s and 90s who truly broke new ground in music and art internationally.”

Producer NATALIE HILL has a long-standing reputation in the commercial film industry as a DGA award-winning producer. Natalie produced a feature, Arthur Newman, starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt. She auspiciously began her career as production manager on Jenny Livingston’s PARIS IS BURNING.

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