Some of My Most Favourite People is Elvira Kurt. I remember how hard I laughed years ago first time I heard her shtick about her mother, and her not accepting of her gayness. I was lucky since then to have her write a piece for the first incarnation of PinkPlayMags, we interviewed her for different article, and I enjoyed seeing her act a number of times in person.

So, when I heard about this new show Elvira is doing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for on June 23nd, I got in touch to have a quick chat.

How is it going Elvira and what are you up to these days?

Well right this minute I’m in that special ring of parenting hell known as Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls with my ex and our kids, celebrating my son’s 8th birthday. But when I’m not trying to be a better lesbian dad or a better girlfriend to my new person or a better peer to my friends, colleagues and family or a better queer activist then I’m up to the usual: trying to be a better artist. Which means I’m either working or hustling the next gig. When I’m not doing any of that, I’m in therapy sorting through my shit trying to be my better self. And all of it, at some point, ends up in my work.

Tell us about this show, who’s behind it, where is it happening, who’s in it?

Homosexual Panic is me doing one sweet killer set of stand-up comedy. For this one night at Buddies, it’s all me and no one else but me. I’m behind it, in front of it, under it and just all over it.

Why is this show the one you just CAN NOT miss?

How’s this: In this show, I don’t just ‘go there’, I stay ‘there’ until I sort it out until there’s nothing left but laughing about it. Or what about this: if you know me, you’ve never seen me like this and if you don’t know me, you’re going to get a master class in stand-up comedy. Hm, I might still be underselling it…. The truth is, as someone who lives in constant anxiety (the name of the show is not a coincidence) and has missed out on a lot of amazing things in my life because of that anxiety, I don’t want to make people feel bad if they miss it. If you do come, you’ll be glad you did because laughs will be had and they will be those deep tissue cleansing kind of laughs that make you feel less alone in your own Homosexual Panic, whatever that may be.

What is comedy?


What makes something funny?

Truth, revealed unexpectedly.

Give us a little run down of what else you’re doing for the rest of the summer?

I host NYC Pride then it’s right into production for The Great Canadian Baking Show which I’m currently writing and will also be the director of the co-hosts. In August, I’ll be performing at Montreal Pride, a perfect way to end the summer.

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