Pride and summer are finally here, and that means cocktails! There’s plenty to choose from at the adult candy store (LCBO), but for those looking for something different the NOXX&DUNN Rum Company have brought a smooth, flavourful all-natural Florida elixir north of the border to Ontario imbiders. This modern American Spirit is crafted in a timeless fashion, from the rich golden colour to the sturdy bottle with its long neck and cork stopper.

The art of rum making in Florida dates to the early years of colonization as Spanish and English settlers cultivated sugar cane in its fertile soil. This continues today by distilling molasses from Florida grown cane in a combination of light, fruity column distilled rum and heavy, sweeter rum from a pot still.

2-4-5 Florida Rum is both pot and column distilled from 100% Florida sugar cane molasses and then aged in Florida’s unique climate in once used American Oak bourbon barrels. The finished product is a meticulous blend of rums that have been aging for two, four and five years (get it, 2-4-5?). The result is to an impeccably clean and flavourful rum — without adding any colour or flavour.

“This is rum made the way rum should be made,” says Chris Hall, Creative Director of NOXX&DUNN Rum Co. “It’s just juice from the barrel. There is nothing added to it. It’s expertly blended to be smooth and flavourful. Kentucky has its bourbon, Tennessee its whiskey. Florida rum is the next great American spirit. It’s a little rock ‘n’ roll and a little country. In fact, It mixes best with live music. We’re comfortable where people are comfortable letting loose and having fun. You’ll find us in cool bars and questionable joints.”

It’s great on its own, drawing favourable reviews comparing it to much older rums, bourbons and whiskies. However, it really shines in these delicisous cocktails. NOXX&DUNN 2-4-5 Florida Rum is now available at the LCBO.

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