Acorn TV is North America’s most popular and largest streaming service focused on British and international television and leads the digital evolution for niche streamers. The new fall line up offers some of the most addictive and bingeable series featuring strong LGBTQ characters. They include TV’s only lesbian main character, the strong leaders of a police squad in an award-winning drama, and the difficulties a wealthy son faces with being gay in the 1950s. 

19-2  The best cop drama on television is surprisingly not from the U.S. or Britain, but is Canada’s 19-2. The intense series has received a slew of awards including the 28 Canadian Screen Award nominations, including a win for Best Dramatic Series. 19-2 positively features strong LGBTQ supporting characters as the top ranking male and female leaders of the squad are both gay (Mylene Dinh-Robic as Bear and Darcy Laurie as Sergeant Suarez). Series Trailer Season 4 begins Friday, Sept. 22. It’s easy to catch up as the episodes include a detailed ‘Previously On’ to start each episode.

JANET KING – Featuring TV’s only lesbian main character and hailed as the “queen of TV lesbians” (Curve). Mesmerizing and underrated actress Marta Dusseldorp plays a brilliant, crime-solving prosecutor. Season 3 premiered in July and all seasons are now available to binge-watch anytime on Acorn TV. Season 1 Trailer

A PLACE TO CALL HOME – Set in the 1950s and also starring Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King), this addictive drama series tackles issues of social class and sexuality with insight and intrigue, as it follows a wealthy family with many secrets. Handsome and extremely charming actor David Berry plays James Bligh, who is faced with the extreme difficulties of coming out in the 1950s with a homophobic family. Berry also co-stars in the new season of Outlander as Lord John Grey. James Bligh’s partner in Seasons 3-5, Dr. Henry Fox, is openly gay actor Tim Draxl who has a key role in the upcoming new Season 5 premiering around Thanksgiving. Season 1 Trailer

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