In advance of Halloween, lovingly referred to by some as “Gay Christmas”, XFINITY LGBTQ Film and TV Collection has released The Ultimate Queer Horror Collection, perhaps the most complete collection of queer horror ever compiled with over 100 LGBTQ-related horror titles and featuring a slew of unique curations

The Ultimate Queer Horror Collection features unique curations including:

  • Editor’s Picks –Featured curations including “Gay Icons of Horror”. “Horror Films Only LGBTQs Understand,”, “Here, Queer and Bringing the Fear”, and “Romance is Dead”, perfect for first dates!
  • Choose Your Fate – Die your best death with the “Death By” collections? Prefer to go out by Vampire (Bite Marks,Life Blood), Slasher (Sleepaway Camp, Crazy Bitches)¦ maybe the Undead (All Cheerleaders Die, Zombies of Mass Destruction)? It’s up to you! #YODO
  • Spirit Animals –Archetypal horror characters are a genre mainstay. However, when it comes to queer horror, subverted gender roles keep viewers guessing. Fancy yourself a “Final Girl” (Jesse in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge) or are you more of “The Jock” type (Boone in Scream Queens)? Perhaps you’re even “The Killer?” (plot twist!)
  • Specialized Sub-Genres – Our Y.A.S.S. Collections (Horror Edition) spotlight some of queer horror’s more niche sub-genres including “Homoerotic Horror” (Jeepers Creepers 2, The Lost Boys), “Body Terror” (Teeth, Contracted), “Backstabbing Boyfriends” (Mother, May I Sleep with Danger,Bride of Chuck) and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriends” (The Adored, Cracks) … to name just a few.
  • Small Screen Screams – Their catalog of queer horror isn’t limited to just films! Watch some of your favorrite horror series from the beginning – including American Horror Story, Scream, Riverdale, and Penny Dreadful.

You can visit the LGBTQ Film & TV Collection, including The Ultimate Queer Horror Collection on XFINITY

The Xfinity LGBTQ Film and TV Collection is home to more than 800+ diverse and inclusive stories featuring LGBTQ characters and storylines, and provides a home for some of the community’s most important and unique stories.

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