Following highly acclaimed, sell-out performances in Dublin, New York, Sydney and London, Theatre Topikós is proud to present the Canadian debut of 5 Guys Chillin’ by Peter Darney.

Woven together using the real words of guys found on Grindr, 5 Guys Chillin’ is a state of the nation play addressing one of the most urgent public health crises of the 21st century. In 5 Guys Chillin’, we spend an evening with five gay men, shining light on a dark and often dangerous subculture of gay men who like to Party ‘n’ Play (PnP or chemsex); engaging in high risk sexual encounters while under the influence of recreational drugs. With more gay men falling into addiction, and an increase in incidents of chemsex-related crime, this taut, sexy and unflinching verbatim drama has never been more important.

J is our host, a once-successful designer who has descended so far into the chemsex scene that he is no longer able to work. He’s invited M, an acquaintance, and the others over to ‘PnP’. R and B are a scenester couple who trawl Grindr for somewhere to spend the weekend partying. PJ is closeted and a bit of an outsider, frequenting chillouts in a cloud of shame. Coming together, the men share experiences, drugs and sexual encounters with each other in a setting that is both brutally honest and untainted by the reality of their circumstances.

Compiled from real interviews by UK playwright Peter Darney, the show’s biggest impact stems from its authenticity. Produced by Theatre Topikós, a Toronto-based theatre collective that has produced shows in Edinburgh, Dublin and Toronto. Directed by Nick May, Theatre Topikós’ Artistic Director, a Toronto actor, director and playwright of award-winning comedy WordPlay. Cast members include Nate Callens, Alexander Plouffe, Alan Shonfield, Ahmed Muslimani and Mark Keller.

Warning: drug use, some nudity, adult content, explicit language

November 15th @ 8pm (Preview)
November 16th – November 25th @ 8pm
(excluding Monday)
Kensington Hall, 56 Kensington Avenue


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