The closest I’ve gotten to interviewing a serial killer, was by chatting with Disney protege, Ross Lynch.

Lynch stars in the new independent film release, “My Friend Dahmer”. For those who don’t know who Dahmer is, you’re not alone as Lynch himself said he hadn’t heard of him until he was asked to audition for the role of the demonic killer’s life story, before he actually killed anyone. Jeffrey Dahmer went on to brutally murder and dismember 17 men in and around his childhood hometown of Bath, Ohio. It kind of makes sense that Lynch might not have heard of him, as Dahmer was killed in prison by another inmate in 1994, and Lynch was only born in 1995.

The film is a fairly accurate realization of Dahmer’s home and high school life, as the script is based on a graphic novel depiction of that time period that was written by former class mate, Derf Backderf. “Having Derf be part of the production was great, as he gave some additional personal tips before the shoot, and then backed away during the filming,” Lynch explained. It was also shot on location in Bath, and actually at the Dahmer residence. “It was actually easy to get access to the house, as the owners were friends with some of those involved with the production,” says Lynch. Apparently the town’s folk were “surprisingly welcoming” to the crew, although the actual school Dahmer attended decided against letting them use the property for the shoot.

Lynch also confessed it was a bit eerie being inside that house after the fact of doing all his research for the role. He found it quite demanding both physically and mentally, with the long days of filming. “I actually felt drained after the shooting was done. Being shot out of order made it difficult as well, and most of the time scenes were done in one shot over a period of 20 days. It was great with it being an independent movie and not needing to worry about it having to make a lot of money.”

We often hear in the news for such tragic events like this, that it’s the killer that gets all the notoriety and recognition, more so than the victims. With this film, it’s about Dahmer’s childhood before he went off the rails completely. He’s shown as a quiet loner, without a lot of friends, until one day the “cool kids” in class take a shining to him for “spazzing out” and making people either laugh or fear his odd antics. He also had distant parents, conflicting thoughts about his sexuality, and oh ya, a penchant for dead creatures and their bones. Although diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and psychotic disorder, he was found to be legally sane at his trial.

Lynch does an extraordinary job of recreating the persona of Dahmer, from his quirky mannerisms to his odd ball walk and way of talking. It’s definitely a step up for the lighter-fare Disney stuff (Austin & Ally, Teen Beach Movie) he honed his skills on. So now that it’s a wrap, what’s on the acting horizon for Lynch? “I don’t currently have anything at the moment, but that’s how it goes in the business. In the meantime I have my music to keep me busy,” he explains. His band, R5, created with his siblings in 2010 has a couple South American shows coming up later this month, and when asked about potential Canadian dates, he replied, “None as yet, but we got to get back up there real soon.” He’s also been in Canada for acting as well, including during the filming his previous film, “Status Update”, in Vancouver last year.

Lynch sings, plays guitar, piano, and sometimes drums, along with his siblings Rocky, Riker, and Rydel. The fifth R in the group is family friend, Ellington Ratliff, and not their other sibling Ryland. Ross has also being singing solo since 2012, and has had a few radio-friendly singles released (A Billion Hits, Heard It On the Radio), which were also featured on the Austin & Ally soundtrack.

So what musician is he into these days? “I’m currently listening to Prince. I mean I’ve always listened to Prince, but I’m mega-obsessed with him right now”. And who would he like to act beside if given the choice? “Paul Giamatti(Cinderella Man, Downton Abbey).

As for if he’s currently dating anyone, that’s all whether you believe the headlines out there, which some were saying a few days ago that it was splittsville for him and his gal, Courtney Eaton. For those who really need to know, he’s amassed millions of social media followers with his cleverly chosen handle @RossR5 across all platforms. So follow along as it’s always best to hear these things directly from the source, where I’m sure you’ll also find out about his next career moves as well!

My Friend Dahmer is now screening at theatres across the country.

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