Haitian Independence Day is coming up on January 1, 2018. Their culture is among the most rich and vibrant in the world. This month CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution and Flow on Demand will be celebrating Haitian filmmakers with our collection of five unique films from the land of high mountains.

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CTWD’s Featured Filmmaker:  

Rachèle Magloire

Born in Port-au Prince, Haiti, Rachèle was raised in Montreal, Quebec. She directs documentaries within Fanal Productions, an AV production company in Haiti. She is also involved with Sinema Anba Zetwal/ Cinema Under the Stars, a dynamic AV mobile structure that screens movies and social messages to large audiences. In 2011, Vues D’Afrique, a Montreal based Film Festival, awarded Rachel and her sister, Laurence Magloire the CIRTEF Prize for services rendered to humanity.

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Rachèle Magloire & Chantal Regnault
Feature Documentary | Haiti | 2008 | 71 mins | English & Creole w/ English Subtitles | HDA series of portraits that give voice to sentenced offenders who on release from prison are deported to their home country, Haiti.Back in Port-au-Prince, a city they left as children, a new life begins for these “Americans” in an environment that is both completely unfamiliar and quite hostile. They are unprepared for its return (with no family ties in their “home” country nor mastery of the Creole language) and lack the means to manage any sort of re-integration.
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Of Men and Gods

Doc. | Haiti | 2002 | 52 min | Subtitles in English, French and Spanish

Filmed in Haiti, this documentary is about homosexuals and queer people in Vodou. The encounter of these two worlds leads us into a powerful, mystical and symbolic environment


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Voodoo & the Church in Haiti

Doc. | Haiti | 1989 | 52 min | Subtitles in English

This film dispels Hollywood stereotypes and presents Voodoo as a belief system passed down from Haiti’s African ancestors to today’s Haitians.

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God Willing Yuli 

Drama | 2015 | Dominican Republic | 70 min | HD | English subtitles

There are many stories surrounding the dilemma of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, where hundreds of people are being forced to leave. Get drawn into Yuli’s story and why she wants to stay.

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Welcome our NEWEST ADDITION to the CaribbeanTales-TV Catalogue!


A short film by: Zack Baddorf
Haiti / USA | 2015 | Haiti | 15 min | HD | creole w/ english subtitles

Ben seems to have a perfect life in his new life in Haiti. Raised in suburban Wisconsin, Ben now lives in a beautiful home overlooking the Caribbean and trains Haitian teachers in Creole at a school just a quick walk away. He loves the solitude and peace that he finds in this remote rural village. Yet, when Ben returns home to the United States to visit his family, he struggles with his identity and asks himself: “what am I doing with my life?”

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