Sapphic Aquatica is a unique and exclusive bathhouse event for women and transgender individuals. The only gender not welcome at this event is cisgender males – that is, men who were born men and identify as men. The basis and development of Sapphic Aquatica is to be a safe and embracing space for women and transgender people who do not enjoy the broad privilege of general acceptance experienced by cisgender males.

Fatima Mechtab, the producer and promoter of this event, relayed the following sentiment –

The evolution and growth of Sapphic Aquatica has been a beautiful and sometimes challenging journey. With the demise of so many events for women/trans folks, not to mention the fading lesbian scene in general (across North America), it has been very important to me to keep this event alive. There is also an interesting story to be told regarding the trans inclusivity of Sapphic; how that developed, learning about inclusive language, and trans identities and why all of this is so important.

For the first year/half, Sapphic welcomed all woman-identified folks. There was never any question as to whether trans women were permitted; they just always were.

Around the 2nd year mark, I started receiving questions as to whether trans men were permitted to attend. Until then, (Sapphic) had been known as a bathhouse event for woman-identified folks but by the 2nd year of … production, I began to have a better idea of the trans community and the struggles around visibility and inclusion, within woman-centered spaces. (The event) was growing to a point where it was becoming a strong community event; not just a random sex party and because (it) serves the queer community at large, of course, trans men would be permitted. That was just the beginning of how SA became officially trans inclusive, as opposed to it being known as just a ‘lesbian event’ (which it ALSO is but was becoming more fluid regarding sexual orientation and gender identity).

The biggest challenge to my ignorance over trans identities was when in 2016, the question arose as to whether assigned-male-at-birth-non-binary folks (AMABNB) were permitted to attend. As the event was becoming more wide-reaching, this was a natural inquiry; how could a trans-inclusive event not allow ALL trans identities? At the time, I wasn’t even aware that NB was a trans identity because I was seeing trans identities as per the gender binary. This was a very hot topic of discussion and it was a huge but very valuable learning curve for me. The long and short of it is that it now DOES but I had to learn some lessons regarding trans identities. I had to stop seeing identity as part of the gender binary. I needed to stop looking at ‘outside presentation’ as a signifier. I had to understand that there is a lot of fluidity within gender. Essentially, I needed to shut up, let go of my ego/privilege and start listening to others, if I wanted this event to survive and to also evolve. But I truly feel that I am a better person and that Sapphic Aquatica is becoming a better, more inclusive event because of that.”

As a natural part of the evolution of Sapphic Aquatica’s effort to promote trans inclusivity, the 5-year anniversary event on January 28, 2018 will feature a fundraiser and raffle for Trans Lifeline, a support line staffed by volunteer transgender people for transgender people in crisis. A $5 donation will get you an arm’s length of raffle tickets which will be entered for a chance to win fabulous prizes.

That’s just a small part of the night, special guest DJ Recklezz will keep you moving all night from the dance floor to the play rooms. Plus, there will be a dungeon hosted by Patty Patty, International Ms Leather 2014, @Saorise and Xris. In addition to guidance and demos, this feature will provide the opportunity to explore electro-play and other delightful sensations within the realms of pleasure and pain.

You can also visit the Oasis Ballroom for an array of dazzling entertainment, starting at 10:30pm where burlesque sensation and charming chanteuse Bella Canto will delight the audience with seductive entertainment; The Eccentric 1/ RoyalTee Fox will be sharing spoken words of wisdom, perspective and life; and Spencer Munny, a trans, non-binary gender performer and one of the producers of Pretty Munny Productions, will animate the stage with a provocative performance, blurring the lines of gender and embracing a message of body positivity.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as everyone’s favourite Daddy and spicy porn star SportyN’Charge will be performing live sex in a unique and theatrical fashion in front of an appreciative audience!

The facility, Oasis Aqualounge, features spa facilities such as a hot tub, dry sauna, and an outdoor heated pool where you can swim under the stars in the buff. The event starts at 8:00 p.m. on January 28, 2018. There is an entrance fee of $20.00 per person, and remember, every gender identity is welcome except cisgender males.

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