Some of my most favourite people is Joe Plati. He is the publisher of Canada Gay Weddings magazine, and he is a very nice guy. I ran into Joe a few times at industry events, and was always impressed by his passionate support for weddings in our LGBTQ community, while Joe is not gay himself, the man is so romantic and loves to see love.

So, when he called me around Christmas time to let me know that he wants to plan an LGBTQ wedding, to take place in his booth at the National Bridal Show in February (2nd to 4th, at Enercare Centre), I loved it, and was happy to have theBUZZ support this delightful idea.

Joe, how is the planning coming along?

It’s going great, we are very excited.

Tell us what will come about on that special day on February 4?

We want this to be a unique and incredible celebration of love. The chosen couple will get a gorgeous wedding that includes beautiful décor in the Canada Gay Weddings pavilion, floral arrangements, an officiant, hair and makeup, and an unforgettable ceremony. It is truly going to be a one-of-a-kind event!

You’re doing it as a contest, how does a couple apply?

To enter the wedding giveaway, all the couple needs to do is send a short paragraph that explains why they should get the chance to be married in the Canada Gay Weddings booth at the National Bridal Show, as opposed to other couples. How did you and your partner meet? What is it that makes you and your partner’s bond so strong? Tell us your love story.

You are a romantic at heart, what are you looking for in the lucky couple who will be selected?

We really just want to find two people who are very much in love and ready to celebrate that union with everyone. We are looking for a couple that is able to genuinely express and convey their true love for one another and happiness in their submission.

Let’s talk about your magazine, Canada Gay Weddings, it is a part of a bigger company I believe? was created as part of our magazine called The Bridal Guide, and it focuses on the principles of equality. There was an imbalance we saw in the wedding industry, with there being this sort of separation in communities. At The Bridal Guide, we believe in equality for all and so became a platform where we could inform, educate and inspire couples, individuals and companies to get involved with the LGBTQ community.

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Antoine has on numerous occasions said that everything he does is "a love letter to the LGBTQ community". and he truly loves this community. A 29 years' media and marketing leader, Antoine is the publisher of theBUZZ, The Pink Pages Directory, PinkPlayMags, and a magazine for Durham Region families The Local Biz Magazine, and is the host of talk show "On the Couch". On his off time he is usually involved in community organizations and causes.